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YIMBY, self-fulfilling prophecies, Cairns tourism & Qld GSP growth: Comments & questions on my outlook presentations

I’ve had several interesting comments and questions regarding my economic outlook presentations last week. YIMBY – Yes in my backyard In my Brisbane Club presentation last Wednesday Qld: Hot or not? I commented on Brisbane City Council’s temporary planning instrument … Continue reading

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Interview with Steve Austin on Qld election issues incl. LNP’s fiscal principles & Greens’ promises

Yesterday, on Steve Austin’s 612 ABC Brisbane Mornings radio show, I had another enjoyable chat with Steve and some of his listeners regarding a range of state election issues. These included John Quiggin’s critique of the LNP’s fiscal principles, the … Continue reading

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Qld economy not generating enough jobs for uni, VET & school leavers

Market economists do not appear too concerned about the new ABS jobs figures released yesterday showing the national unemployment rate increased to 5.9% in February from 5.7% in January. There is a recognition that there is a lot of noise … Continue reading

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US recovery on track, while Australian economists wait anxiously for latest National Accounts

The latest US jobs data show an economy that is growing quite nicely, with 178,000 new jobs over the last month, and with unemployment falling to 4.6%, its lowest rate since the financial crisis (see chart below). However, the market … Continue reading

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Qld tourism continues to under-perform

Evidence continues to mount on the failure of Queensland’ tourism promotion policies, which I’ve commented on before (TEQ deserved funding cut – no turnaround in share of international visitors). New Tourism Research Australia data shows that, while domestic tourism (Australians … Continue reading

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International visitor numbers increasing – but Qld doing poorly in attracting them

Pete Faulkner has a good post today on the new ABS overseas arrivals and departures data for May 2014: Arrivals hit new highs as China continues to grow. While arrivals to Australia hit new highs, Queensland doesn’t appear to be … Continue reading

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Tourism & Events Qld deserved funding cut – no turnaround in share of international visitors

I was pleased to see the Government cut funding to Tourism and Events Queensland (TEQ) in the State Budget earlier this week (Tourism and Events Queensland budget slashed by $4.9m), because I’ve always doubted the value of its promotion activities, … Continue reading

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QCA issues paper shows large potential savings in industry assistance

The Queensland Competition Authority yesterday released its issues paper for its inquiry into Queensland Government industry assistance. The paper provides an excellent framework for evaluating industry assistance measures. It also highlights a number of costly assistance measures provided by Queensland … Continue reading

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Tourism recovering nicely on Gold Coast, not so elsewhere

Tourism and Events Queensland (TEQ) released some Regional Snapshots for the year ended 2013 yesterday, and they show a good result for the Gold Coast (see Gold Coast Regional Snapshot), with total visitors up 9%, but less inspiring and somewhat … Continue reading

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International tourism continues to recover, particularly in TNQ, thanks largely to Chinese visitors

Tourism and Events Queensland (TEQ) has released its latest International Tourism Snapshot, and it shows a solid recovery in international tourism in Queensland and nationally, particularly in Tropical North Queensland (TNQ), which includes Cairns and Cape York (see my chart … Continue reading

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