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Perth might grow larger than Brisbane, but it won’t beat SEQ 200km City

In its media release on its new population projections yesterday, the ABS noted: “Highlights from the ABS projections include Perth overtaking Brisbane in 2028, at three million people, and then ten years later, the Australian Capital Territory overtaking Tasmania.” This … Continue reading

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Is Santa good for the economy?

The Centre for Independent Studies (CIS) is holding a function in Sydney on Tuesday December 10 on The Capitalist Claus – Why Commercialism is Good for Christmas, featuring Miranda Devine and CIS researchers. I’ve always had mixed feelings about the economic … Continue reading

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Treasury wants to acknowledge unreliability of budget estimates

There’s a great new working paper out today from the Commonwealth Treasury, Estimates of Uncertainty Around Budget Forecasts, which suggests a change to budget reporting that would make it hard for current and future Australian Governments to claim they will … Continue reading

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Guest post – Old Queenslanders in a New City

This is a guest post from my friend and colleague Brad Rogers, who is also Secretary of the Queensland Branch of the Economic Society of Australia. Views expressed are Brad’s own, and are not necessarily shared by me, our employer … Continue reading

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Gold Coast outlook continues to improve

After a period of weakness following the financial crisis, during which many Gold Coast tradies had to drive up the M1 every day to jobs in Brisbane and Ipswich (see my 2011 post Tradies know what it means to live in … Continue reading

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Reasons to be optimistic Qld will cope with shock from mining investment decline

BIS Shrapnel’s new report on the mining industry appears to pick up the points made at the Energy Skills Queensland conference I attended last week regarding how gas will boom, but the outlook for minerals is much less optimistic (More … Continue reading

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More CSG-LNG jobs than previously forecast, but minerals job vacancies have plummeted

Yesterday I attended the Energy Skills Queensland (ESQ) Annual Conference at the Royal International Convention Centre at the RNA Showgrounds in Brisbane. At the Conference, ESQ released its Queensland CSG to LNG Industry Workforce Plan, which received coverage from ABC … Continue reading

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Congestion charges part of solution to costly congestion

Infrastructure Partnerships Australia appears to make some good points in its lobbying of the Abbott Government on the need for congestion charges to help alleviate traffic congestion and defer or avoid the need to augment transport infrastructure, as reported in … Continue reading

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