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The truth about cause and effect in Industry Super Fund governance – guest post from Michael Willis

Corporate governance expert and former Finsia President Michael Willis has written an article (reproduced below) on the debate over the Commonwealth Government’s push to get independent directors on to industry super fund boards that are now dominated by union and … Continue reading

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Interstate migration to Qld remains low, and we’re still losing people to Victoria

For over a year now, I’ve been commenting on the reversal of the long-term pattern of Queensland gaining people from Victoria through interstate migration (e.g. see this post from June). This reversal has contributed to a large decline in interstate … Continue reading

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Interview on Turnbull Cabinet on 612 ABC Brisbane

Yesterday afternoon, Emma Griffiths from 612 ABC Brisbane interviewed me regarding PM Malcolm Turnbull’s Cabinet and what it means for the economy: The future of business under Turnbull I told Emma that it appears business is very optimistic about the … Continue reading

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Farm robots good for economy, but may mean downward trend in agricultural jobs continues

Queensland’s former Premier Campbell Newman is chairman of a company Swarm Farm that is developing robots for on-farm use, in tasks such as weeding (as reported in the Brisbane Times). This is fantastic technology and will be good for agricultural … Continue reading

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Ethanol mandate to be introduced despite lack of evidence on net benefits to Qld

Earlier this week, the Queensland Government introduced into Parliament a bill for a 2 per cent ethanol mandate (see this Brisbane Times report). This measure appears designed to placate Katter’s Australian Party, which is looking out for cane growers who … Continue reading

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Cracking down on Uber would come at a high cost to the Qld community

Yesterday’s Sunday-Mail reported that Katter’s Australian Party (KAP) will introduce a bill into the Queensland Parliament to increase penalties for Uber drivers. Regarding the taxi industry that he is intending to defend, Robbie Katter notes: “They move a million wheelchairs … Continue reading

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Upcoming public lecture by Bob Gregory on the gender pay gap

The upcoming John Western Public Lecture at the University of Queensland (on Monday 21 September at 5pm) by eminent Australian economist Bob Gregory looks very interesting and no doubt will provoke much discussion on the causes of the gender pay … Continue reading

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Exports to bolster Qld economy in difficult year ahead

Queensland Treasurer Curtis Pitt is doing his best to talk up the Queensland economy, noting in recent media releases that Queensland exports are soaring and that Deloitte is forecasting 4.5 per cent economic growth in Queensland in 2015-16 and 4 … Continue reading

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612 ABC Brisbane radio interview on Qld economy and infrastructure

Yesterday I was interviewed by Steve Austin of 612 ABC Brisbane regarding the current state of the Queensland economy, and the interview aired this morning. You can find the audio recording of my interview here (just scroll down below Jackie … Continue reading

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Qld consumers resilient at the end of the mining boom

At the end of the mining boom, as resources sector investment has plummeted, Queensland consumers are nonetheless resilient, and their growing consumption spending has partly offset the adverse impact of the fall in investment on aggregate demand (see chart above … Continue reading

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