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Business confidence starts to reflect economic reality

I was very pleased to see this news yesterday in the Brisbane Times as it confirms my belief that the Queensland economy is strengthening due to the pipeline of resources sector investments (Queensland’s business confidence growth outpacing nation): Business confidence … Continue reading

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Is Far North Qld recovering?

Cairns-based blogger KS at Loose Change has a couple of recent posts on news that may suggest a (modest) economic recovery is underway in the Far North: Airline flights boost Unemployment falls According to the latest OESR regional unemployment brief … Continue reading

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Hands off our mining royalties

OESR’s latest Queensland Economic Review released today contains an informative piece on the Grants Commission’s treatment of mining royalties – i.e. effectively taking a big chunk of them away from us (and WA) by allocating us less of the GST … Continue reading

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Gold Coast childcare magnate gives thanks to Peter Costello

Australia’s fertility rate reached an historic low in 2001 of 1.73 babies per woman, but by the end of the decade it had risen to 1.90 babies per woman (see One for the Country: Recent Trends in Fertility) – an … Continue reading

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Newman Government to cut stamp duty and weaken ULDA

A change in Government in Queensland now appears inevitable. Opposition Leader Campbell Newman is treated almost everywhere he goes as if he is the Premier-in-waiting, with business and community leaders listening intently to him, to discern how Newman Government policies … Continue reading

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Recommended reading – Time Bomb: Work, rest and play in Australia today

While my free market bias means I don’t share all the policy views of the authors, I still think Time Bomb: Work, rest and play in Australia today is a terrific book with lots of interesting facts about the work-life … Continue reading

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Bond traders bet on US recovery – great news for world economy

Despite all the anxiety over the global economy, including from the World Bank earlier this week, I remain optimistic, and recent news out of the US gives hope for a much better 2012 than originally expected. Bloomberg Businessweek reports: Treasuries … Continue reading

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Two-speed sharemarket – Qld companies winning

A very interesting finding from Deloitte, reported by the Brisbane Times (Resources skew Queensland Growth): On average last year Queensland’s 213 ASX listed companies increased their market capitalisation by 14.7 per cent. By comparison the ASX All Ordinaries [which lists … Continue reading

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Employment data no cause for concern – although Bligh’s jobs target harder to hit

Given the high degree of volatility from month-to-month in the ABS’s employment estimates, I tend not to worry too much about unfavourable monthly movements, as I outlined in my previous post Media over-reacts to jobs data. Of course, the media … Continue reading

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Newman’s jobs pledge – checking the arithmetic

Queensland Opposition Leader Campbell Newman has made a bold jobs pledge today which has drawn strong criticism from Treasurer Andrew Fraser. The Brisbane Times reports: Queensland’s Liberal National Party is vowing to create 420,000 jobs over the next six years … Continue reading

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