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New Qld Government should allow plenty of time for thorough review of spending

I noticed that former Olympian Kieren Perkins has cast doubt on Queensland’s ability to host an Olympic Games and has pointed to the Queensland Government’s lack of a clear strategy to pay down debt (see today’s Courier-Mail). While the Queensland … Continue reading

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Qld receiving huge economic shock from resources sector capital spending decline

The scale of the negative economic shock Queensland is currently experiencing from the decline in resources sector investment is extraordinary, as revealed by new ABS data on construction work done released today (see chart above, noting “Engineering” covers the heavy … Continue reading

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Should governments financially support elite sports whose players are such poor role models?

An example of massive government support for elite sport – Suncorp Stadium which cost nearly $300 million to upgrade in the early 2000s. The drugs scandal that has engulfed the Gold Coast Titans raises a question about government support for … Continue reading

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One-in-four part-time workers underemployed

Queensland’s relatively weak labour market is reflected not only in the unemployment rate of 6.5%, but in a relatively high rate of underemployment, with around one-in-four part-time workers in Queensland underemployed (i.e. preferring to work more hours than they actually … Continue reading

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Time for a Sensible Debate on Broadening the GST Net – Guest post from Michael Willis

Last week, I spoke with Ben Davis from 4BC about broadening the GST (see 4BC interview on KPMG’s analysis of GST increase for CPA Australia). Our discussion was pretty high-level, and there were many detailed issues we could have discussed … Continue reading

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Unemployment much higher in North Qld, Wide Bay, Ipswich and outer Brisbane metro area

The regional dimension to Queensland unemployment is readily apparent from the following unemployment rate maps I’ve produced based on Queensland Treasury’s handy information brief on regional unemployment. Here’s the map for the whole State: My old home town of Townsville … Continue reading

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4BC interview on KPMG’s analysis of GST increase for CPA Australia

In response to a new report from CPA Australia (tax-reform-in-australia), the Prime Minister has ruled out changes to the GST, which is a bit of a shame, because changes to the GST should be part of any comprehensive package to … Continue reading

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CIS still seeking students & recent graduates for Liberty & Society weekends

The Centre for Independent Studies (CIS) is still seeking students and recent graduates to participate in either of its upcoming Liberty & Society weekends, with one in Sydney over 8-10 May and the other in Perth over 17-19 July. These … Continue reading

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NSW Govt risks annoying US conservatives by subsidising Redford-Blanchett film – my comments on Breitbart

I’ve been quoted by Breitbart regarding NSW Government funding provided to the Truth film, starring Robert Redford and Cate Blanchett, which filmed in Sydney last year: Hollywood to Release Film Defending Dan Rather in Wake of Brian Williams Stolen Valor … Continue reading

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Queensland’s top five customers – China has taken top spot from Japan in recent years

Earlier this month, the Queensland Government Statistician’s Office released a useful set of trade reports on Queensland’s trade with international economies. In our merchandise exports data (see chart below), it’s not surprising to see the importance of China, which has … Continue reading

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