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FIFO & DIDO workers in Qld gas fields nearly doubled in 2013

The new data from Queensland Treasury on non-resident – i.e. fly-in, fly-out (FIFO) or drive-in, drive-out (DIDO) – workers in the Surat Basin illustrate the boom we’re seeing in the gas-field communities out west of Toowoomba on the Darling Downs, … Continue reading

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Queensland has too many low-performing schools

One major challenge the current Queensland Government faces is the need to reform a school system that historically has had a disproportionate number of low-performing schools. The extent of poor performance among our secondary schools is pretty clear in data … Continue reading

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BCC still needs to fix up paid parking in the Brisbane CBD

Last August I posted on how changes to paid parking  arrangements in Brisbane CBD have adversely affected CBD businesses, particularly in the southern part of the CBD – the part of the CBD which finds it tough enough already owing … Continue reading

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Is employment a lagging indicator of the economy?

A tendency has developed among commentators to dismiss the relevance of discouraging employment data, based on the view that the labour market is a lagging indicator of the economy (e.g., a recent post by a prominent Australian economic commentator: Crappy … Continue reading

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CPD recommends endowment fund – forgets Qld has projected debt of $80 billion

The Centre for Policy Development’s new report All Boom, No Benefit? Why Queensland needs a new economic strategy ignores some important facts about the Queensland economy and contains some half-baked policy recommendations. The report is getting media attention because it … Continue reading

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Sorry to tell you, QTC, but the labour market is not a lagging indicator

I’m glad Queensland Treasury Corporation (QTC) remains optimistic about the economic outlook, even after last week’s discouraging labour force data, but I’m afraid one reason behind its optimism is unfounded. In its Weekly Market and Economics Review sent out via … Continue reading

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NQ and Mackay region builders the least optimistic

I just noticed Master Builders Queensland released its latest survey of industry conditions last week. While it shows a positive outlook on average across all regions, the outlook is only just positive in the North Queensland and Mackay regions (see … Continue reading

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Qld’s falling share of international tourism in Australia

Mark Beath at Loose Change (Folks are dumb where I come from!) has noticed there is now a record low proportion of international visitors to Australia declaring the State they spent the most time in was Queensland (N.B. data only available … Continue reading

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Removing second-hand car import restrictions could significantly lower car prices

I was happy to learn from a former Canberra colleague yesterday that I’m cited in the Productivity Commission’s January 2014 Position Paper on the car industry, regarding the benefits that would come from removing the restriction on second-hand car imports. … Continue reading

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Scope to cut Qld Government industry assistance

Queensland Treasurer Tim Nicholls did a good job of dampening expectations for this year’s Queensland Budget yesterday: Queensland Treasurer Tim Nicholls says there will be no over-spending in the last budget before the election While the Government is rightly investigating … Continue reading

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