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20% of Queensland youth not fully engaged (i.e. in full-time work or study)

The slowdown in Queensland’s economy since the financial crisis has disproportionately affected young people (aged 15-19), many of whom are obviously waiting for the good times to return rather than go to TAFE or university. The chart below is from … Continue reading

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Gold Coast and Cairns becoming FIFO hubs

Possibly in response to slowdowns in their local building industries, and a need for construction workers to look elsewhere for work, the Gold Coast and Cairns are emerging as hubs for fly-in, fly-out (FIFO) mine workers: Terminal deal cut for … Continue reading

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Fitch’s negative outlook for Qld is bizarre

Fitch Ratings’s negative outlook for the Queensland economy would only make sense if the US really does have an economic armageddon following the possible (though unlikely) failure to lift the US Government’s debt ceiling and this depresses the global economy. … Continue reading

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Milton Friedman was right, but that doesn’t excuse a lack of ethics

In a New York Times article in 1970, Milton Friedman – second only to Keynes in the ranking of 20th century economists  – declared that the social responsibility of business is to increase its profits (article reproduced here). This was … Continue reading

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ABS Census history – Aboriginals originally not counted to deny Qld seats in parliament

In the lead up to the 2011 Census on Tuesday 9 August, the ABS has released a fascinating set of notes on the history of Australia’s Census (Reflecting a Nation). The notes reveal that a possible motivation for our founding … Continue reading

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North Qld has the most public servants per capita

If Townsville truly does become the second (or vice) capital of Queensland, the disparity in public servants by region in the chart below (based on figures in the Qld Regionalisation Strategy) will increase:

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QR should aim for value for money in train purchases and ignore pro-Maryborough lobbying

Train manufacturer Bombardier Transportation is a major contributor to Maryborough’s economy, employing around 300 people or 3% of Maryborough’s workforce. Hence there is a lot of interest in the outcome of a recent request for tenders to build 200 trains … Continue reading

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