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Government should wait for QCA Report before committing to new industry assistance

It’s unfortunate the Queensland Government has entered into a thirty year deal with the Tatts Group while the QCA review of industry assistance is underway, a review which might be informative on the relative costs and benefits of supporting the … Continue reading

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Lacklustre labour market gives added urgency to regulatory reforms

Job vacancies data released by the ABS yesterday suggest the Queensland labour market will remain relatively weak over the next few months at least (see chart above). The data are also consistent with Queensland Treasury’s forecast in the Budget that … Continue reading

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Privatisation debate continues

It’s unsurprising that former Queensland Treasury supremo Sir Leo Hielscher supports asset sales (as reported in the Brisbane Times today), given that as one-time head of the Treasury Corporation he was very concerned with actually finding the cash to pay the bills … Continue reading

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Health, fitness and software publishing are promising sectors for new Qld businesses

Over the year to June 2013, which saw a decline in total business numbers according to ABS Business Counts data, some Queensland industry sectors nonetheless saw growth in business numbers, particularly health, fitness and software publishing (see chart below based … Continue reading

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Illogical to reject Uber over safety concerns

It’s disappointing the Queensland Transport Minister Scott Emerson has been swayed by the taxi industry’s argument that safety regulations and supply restrictions (i.e. a limited number of taxi licences) are both needed to ensure passenger safety (Brisbane no closer to … Continue reading

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Interstate migration to Qld remains low – overall gain, but net loss to Victoria continues

The new population data released by the ABS yesterday (see the Queensland Treasury brief) show interstate migration – a major source of growth in the 1990s and early 2000s – continues to make only a small contribution to Queensland’s population … Continue reading

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Lack of consumer confidence reflected in new vehicle sales – but trend towards SUVs continues

Anxious consumers and businesses remained reluctant to purchase new motor vehicles in May, with new vehicle sales 2.1% lower than in April and 4.3% lower than in May 2013 (see ABS summary). Both vehicles for personal and business use appear … Continue reading

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