BCC still needs to fix up paid parking in the Brisbane CBD

photo-11Last August I posted on how changes to paid parking  arrangements in Brisbane CBD have adversely affected CBD businesses, particularly in the southern part of the CBD – the part of the CBD which finds it tough enough already owing to its distance from the mall and bus and railway stations (Paid parking affecting work and play in Brisbane CBD). Earlier today I chatted with Jessica Pugh, Events Manager at Restaurant II on Alice St, one of the businesses most severely impacted by the new paid parking regime. Jessica told me the following:

  • Restaurant II held 45 wedding receptions last year but this year is only expecting 30. Wedding organisers always ask Jessica about the parking situation and many are put off by the fact their guests would have to pay for parking nearby. They find it easier to book one of the many reception venues in the suburbs where you don’t have to pay for parking.
  • The paid parking restrictions have contributed to the closures of a number of businesses in the CBD and surrounds over the last year, including Ortiga and Lady Lamington in the Valley, and Jessica understands the once thriving, high-end lingerie store Arianne on Edward may be about to shut up due to a huge drop off in trade.
  • In addition to damaging restaurants that rely on night-time trade, the paid parking restrictions have really hit fashion retailers, because people don’t want to worry about the parking meter when they’re trying on outfits.

BCC should review its current paid parking regime in the CBD as a matter of urgency. Edward St in particular doesn’t need to lose any more businesses, because there are already a number of empty shops such as these between Mary and Margaret Streets:


As I’ve posted on before, there are already enough government policies adversely affecting small businesses:

Hospitality suffering under IR regime

N.B. At the end of our chat, Jessica disclosed that she is the Labor candidate for the State seat of Mt Ommaney. Nonetheless I think she was being completely objective in her criticism of BCC.

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3 Responses to BCC still needs to fix up paid parking in the Brisbane CBD

  1. Katrina Drake says:

    Eating and shopping in the city is certainly only convenient and affordable for city workers.

    I used to meet friends in the city for lunch as it was central. The last time I did that was in 2012 when the lunch cost me $36 and the parking $80. From that date forward, I pick up my friends in the city, and drive out to a wide choice of restaurants and shopping in the ‘burbs.

    I never shop in the city anymore, it is to difficult to carry parcels home walking and on public transport.

    • Gene Tunny says:

      You’re not missing much by not coming into the City. There aren’t many interesting value for money lunch options anymore, and all the really good places try to really gouge you.

  2. I don’t drive to City anymore, I am afarid of parking!

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