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Setback for Qld consumers as extended Saturday trading hours bid is dropped

The IGA at Baroona Road, Milton is always packed full of people from 5-6pm on Saturdays because Queensland’s archaic retail trading hours regulations mean supermarkets have to close at 5pm. As the number of shoppers and frequent traffic jams in … Continue reading

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Great new ANZSOG paper recommends two tiers of Government

Former Treasury Deputy Secretary Richard Murray has written an excellent paper published by ANZSOG recommending Australia adopt a two tiered system of Government comprising the Commonwealth and 24 city/regional Governments. The Courier-Mail has interpreted this as abolishing State Governments, but … Continue reading

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Northern economic cooperation appears sensible, but may not last

It’s always been unclear to me whether North Queensland is unfairly treated by State and Federal Governments, given the large public investments that have occurred over the years, e.g. the Burdekin Dam, and the ongoing expansion of Lavarack Barracks in … Continue reading

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Asian growth boosts our agricultural sector

Given agriculture is one of the so-called “four pillars” of the Queensland economy, the Government will be pleased with rosy forecasts for the sector such as this one from NAB agribusiness head Khan Horne, reported in Queensland Country Life today … Continue reading

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Does the BCA seriously want to bring back the Sir Humphreys?

There is a lot that is good in the Business Council of Australia (BCA) CEO’s latest speech (Restoring a High-Performing Public Service), particularly the endorsement of principles for effective regulation that have been previously set out by the Productivity Commission, … Continue reading

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Commitment to open information commendable

I’m pleased to read the Premier has committed to open information with a view to encouraging the public to provide solutions to problems, as reported in the Courier-Mail this morning: CAMPBELL Newman has promised a New York-style era of open … Continue reading

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Big call from ANZ strategist – $A to hit $US1.07 in longer run

AFR Marketwrap (pay-walled) reports on a big call from an ANZ currency strategist on the Aussie dollar: The Australian dollar will continue to appreciate and could top $US1.07 in the longer run as major economies continue to loosen monetary policy … Continue reading

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Qld loses 20,000 sales jobs over last 12 months

OESR’s recent Employment by Occupation brief on Thursday’s new detailed ABS labour force data reports that employment of sales workers in Queensland fell 8.5% in Queensland and 3.3% nationally over the last 12 months. That’s around 20,000 fewer sales workers … Continue reading

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Fitch downgrade of Qld credit rating is unwarranted

Treasury officials generally put on a good morning or afternoon tea when staff from rating agencies such as Fitch, Moody’s and Standard and Poor’s come for their regular consultations on fiscal policy. If I were a Queensland Treasury official, I’d … Continue reading

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Strong recovery in Qld domestic tourism – particularly Queenslanders holidaying in Qld

Tourism Queensland yesterday released a snapshot of Tourism Australia National Visitor Survey data for 2011-12, which contains some nice charts showing a strong recovery in domestic tourism in Queensland (i.e. intra-state or interstate tourism): The recovery is solely due to … Continue reading

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