Tourism recovering nicely on Gold Coast, not so elsewhere

Tourism and Events Queensland (TEQ) released some Regional Snapshots for the year ended 2013 yesterday, and they show a good result for the Gold Coast (see Gold Coast Regional Snapshot), with total visitors up 9%, but less inspiring and somewhat distressing results for other regions (see chart below). The chart presents the percentage change in visitor numbers between the year ended March 2012 and the year ended March 2013, where visitors include domestic overnight and international visitors. The strong Gold Coast result appears to be due to a strong increase in domestic overnight visitors, while the less strong but still positive Tropical North Queensland result is related to an increase in international visitors, particularly from China.

visitorgrowthchartFor related coverage, see:

TEQ TNQ regional snapshot

Airport update for June (which notes visitor numbers for Cairns, in Tropical NQ, last year were influenced by eclipse tourism).


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