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Additional maps on average incomes in Qld

Average wage and salary incomes of residents of mining regions in Queensland rival those of residents in the Western suburbs of Brisbane, according to the ABS’s new small area income data (see maps below for the whole of Queensland and … Continue reading

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West is best – high income earners love Brisbane’s leafy western suburbs

I’ve mapped the ABS’s latest small area income data for Brisbane below, and it shows, unsurprisingly, the leafy western suburbs remain popular with high income earners. (For greater clarity, you can right click and open the map in a new … Continue reading

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Qld Govt leaves room to boost spending in election budget next year

The Queensland Government’s Mid Year Fiscal and Economic Review released yesterday didn’t contain many surprises, but left me with the thought the Government will have plenty of room to boost spending in next year’s Budget, in preparation for an election … Continue reading

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Deloitte forecasts huge drop in resources sector construction jobs

I noticed the Mackay Daily Mercury (Investment drought to kill resources-boom building jobs) has picked up an interesting new report from the Australian Workplace and Productivity Agency: Resources Sector Skills Needs 2013. The report contains some interesting projections from Deloitte … Continue reading

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Signs are good, but Qld economy not roaring back yet

Paul Syvret in the Courier-Mail today has a good summary of recent positive economic news for Queensland (Queensland economy recovers from GFC with new jobless low of 5.6pc), but I think some of the commentators he interviewed are getting a … Continue reading

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Gold Coast PTs should pay fees to use parks

I noticed in the Gold Coast Bulletin that personal trainers on the GC are outraged the Council will start imposing an annual $200 fee for them to use parks, consistent with councils in Brisbane and elsewhere. It makes sense for … Continue reading

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Budget repair challenge means Govt should reject calls to assist Holden and Qantas

I spoke with Pat Hession on ABC North Queensland radio yesterday afternoon on the removal of the Commonwealth Government’s debt ceiling, effectively its “credit card limit” as Pat described it. I made the following points: I’m disappointed the debt ceiling … Continue reading

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Improving teacher quality key to lifting student performance

The new OECD report showing Australia’s educational performance is slipping has gained a lot of media attention this morning (e.g. Queensland students lag behind national average in maths, science and literacy) and should inspire policy makers to push for further … Continue reading

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Teacher pay revamp long overdue

I’m very pleased the Queensland Government is considering linking teacher pay to teacher performance (see today’s Courier-Mail), as improving pay for the best teachers will help stop the leakage of the best teachers out of the education system and may … Continue reading

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Mining capital spending saved Qld economy from really poor growth in 2012-13

The 2012-13 State Accounts, released by the ABS on Thursday, confirm that heavy engineering construction, largely by the resources sector, shored up the Queensland economy in 2012-13 and protected it from the adverse impacts of Government spending cuts. This is … Continue reading

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