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Black hole election – speech notes and slides

For the record, I’m posting the speech notes I prepared for the presentation I gave Wednesday night at the Ship Inn Function Centre in South Brisbane on economic policy issues in the 2015 Queensland election. My slides are available via … Continue reading

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4BC Drive interview on election costings – problems with economic plans from both major parties

I had a nice chat with Ben Davis from 4BC’s Drive program yesterday afternoon on the economic plans the major parties are taking to today’s Queensland election. You can find the audio for the interview if you scroll down on … Continue reading

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Consultancies are an easy target, but more cost-effective than maintaining bloated public service

In its election costings, the Opposition has identified that it would cut expenditure on consultancies as part of a cost-cutting drive to pay for its election commitments (see Qld Labor reveals election costings). As a consultant I’m obviously biased, but … Continue reading

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Media commentary on Qld Government election costings

I spoke with Steve Austin on 612 ABC Brisbane yesterday morning regarding the Queensland Government’s election costings, after Steve first spoke with Treasurer Tim Nicholls (3 days until the election – Treasurer Tim Nicholls). The main point I made was … Continue reading

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QR-Aurizon experience shows benefits of privatisation – Steel on Steel is recommended reading

If you’re interested in the issue of privatisation, I recommend you read a new book, Steel on Steel, published by UQ Press, on the QR float from Aurizon insider Stephen Baines. The book contains an excellent description of the political … Continue reading

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Discouraged workers have moderated rise in unemployment rate since March 2012

In my post last week How many jobs needed to be created over the Qld Government’s first term?, I compared the actual job creation rate of 1,400 per month with the rate of 2,200 per month that would have been … Continue reading

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Qld Treasurer rightly avoids committing to a fall in power prices

Queensland Treasurer Tim Nicholls performed well in his interview on 612 ABC Brisbane radio yesterday morning, rightly avoiding a commitment that power prices would fall as a result of privatisation, which he certainly couldn’t guarantee. In a question to the … Continue reading

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Power prices would be lower than otherwise, but may not fall, under privatisation

I’m pleased to see some analysis finally published on the potential benefits of the privatisation of electricity businesses from a Queensland perspective: Network Pricing Trends in Queensland prepared by EY. The Courier-Mail has covered this report with the headline, on … Continue reading

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How many new jobs needed to be created over the Qld Government’s first term?

I was surprised earlier this month when I first saw the Queensland Government’s election campaign ad on TV noting the Government was creating over 1,100 new jobs per month. As I’ve noted previously, while the Government has had a number … Continue reading

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Neither party gets a high distinction in fiscal policy

In their proposed fiscal strategies, neither the Government nor the Opposition gets a high distinction. The Government gets marked down because it is not allocating all asset lease proceeds to reducing debt and (thus) interest payments, which means there is … Continue reading

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