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Australians returning to Qld tourism regions (except for the Gold Coast)

Gold Coast community leaders will be disappointed by data published yesterday by Tourism Queensland which show domestic visitor numbers declined in the 2011 calendar year, while other Queensland regions experienced an increase in domestic visitors: International visitor numbers have declined … Continue reading

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Farmers miss out when Govt gives $275M handout to Holden

There is a great opinion piece in the rural press today (available at Queensland Country Life) on “Why Holden’s crutch matters to ag.” The author Gregor Heard opines: Some tough questions have to be asked about our car manufacturers and … Continue reading

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Costello is a good choice for the Commission of Audit

I was pleased to see that Premier Newman has appointed Peter Costello to head the Commission of Audit (Newman hires Costello for financial check-up). Costello is first class and did a good job in restraining excessive spending under the Howard … Continue reading

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Carbon tax will disproportionately impact Qld, so Newman has good reason to oppose it

New Premier Campbell Newman has urged the Gillard Government to “think again” about the carbon tax (PM promises to listen as Newman warns), which is the right position for a Queensland Premier to take given: (a) the carbon tax will … Continue reading

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Valuer-General’s report shows big slump from pre-GFC Gold Coast land values

While I’m generally positive about the Queensland economy, I remain concerned about the short-term prospects of Cairns and the Gold Coast. Loose Change has coverage of the bad news on land valuations in the Cairns region contained in today’s report … Continue reading

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Pascoe spot on – we don’t yet fully comprehend the extent of the resources boom

Michael Pascoe had a great article published today (What Campbell can’t do) that begins with a fascinating story and contains an observation about the resources boom that I fully agree with: In suburban Brisbane last week the world’s largest industrial … Continue reading

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Domestic electricity price freeze will mean higher costs for businesses

The Newman Government has a clear mandate to implement its policies, but it will find implementation very difficult in a number of cases. The most obvious case is the promise that within its first 30 days the Government will: Freeze … Continue reading

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If Holden is so good for the economy, why does it need $275M more from taxpayers?

I’m disappointed but not surprised by today’s announcement that the Commonwealth, Victorian and SA Governments will dole out an additional $275 million to Holden. It continues our ridiculous effort to buy ourselves a car industry – at a cost of … Continue reading

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Australia Institute’s mining boom analysis ignores benefits to consumers

Canberra-based think tank the Australia Institute has an interesting (though tendentious) paper out today: Job creator or job destroyer? An analysis of the mining boom in Queensland The paper notes: The mining boom is causing large structural changes to both … Continue reading

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Cutting debt the big challenge for the incoming Government

QUT’s Mark McGovern had a great article published at the Conversation yesterday titled Standing in the shadow of debt in the Sunshine State, in which he argues the challenge of cutting Queensland Government debt has been ignored by both sides … Continue reading

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