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Struggling retail sector would benefit from longer trading hours – National Retail Association bid deserves to win

The National Retail Association bid for extended trading hours deserves support because it would be good for consumers and may provide a boost to a struggling retail sector (see my post from earlier this month: Economic weakness hits Queensland retailers). … Continue reading

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Local government regulatory reform process fails to stop silly heritage listings in Townsville

In its report on cutting red tape last year, the Queensland Competition Authority noted that “the Government will consult with local government in late 2013 on a regulatory reform program for local governments.” This consultation obviously didn’t achieve much, because … Continue reading

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How important is the return of leased out assets in 99 years time in a cost-benefit analysis?

The Premier’s interesting comparison of the proposed leasing out of Queensland Government assets to the long-term lease of Hong Kong, which was eventually returned to China, made me think about how important the eventual return of assets should be in … Continue reading

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Top 10 posts from the first 1,000

Yesterday I posted my 1,000th post, and below are links to the most clicked from the first 1,000. Having grown up in Townsville, and knowing the intense debate the issue causes up North, it didn’t surprise me that a post … Continue reading

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GST hike appears very likely, but Commonwealth retreat less so

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has, it seems, given the green light for raising more revenue via the GST in a speech at Tenterfield on Saturday (Sir Henry Parkes Commemorative Dinner): …the Commonwealth could stop funding programmes in areas of state … Continue reading

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Ticket scalping crack down unnecessary and undesirable

Some unnecessary and undesirable interference in the natural workings of markets was supported by a Queensland parliamentary committee on major events last week (see the Major Events Bill report). It appears the Government is proposing to extent current laws that … Continue reading

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4BC interview on hospital cost blowout – Govts need to crunch numbers properly before spending decisions

I spoke to Ben Davis from 4BC’s Drive program yesterday afternoon about the Auditor-General’s report on the Beattie Government’s decision in 2006 to build three new hospitals, including the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital and new hospitals on the Gold and … Continue reading

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Reflections on Gough Whitlam

I recall with great sentiment now, after news of the death of former PM Gough Whitlam today, that Gough gave an excellent after dinner speech at the UQ Law Ball at the Hilton Hotel in Brisbane in 1996. The former … Continue reading

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The problem with economic development agencies such as Townsville Enterprise & Brisbane Marketing

It can be very stressful to be responsible for outcomes over which you have very little control. This is the predicament faced by economic development agencies such as Townsville Enterprise and Brisbane Marketing. This predicament was highlighted by the sacking … Continue reading

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Upcoming Economic Society event on rural & remote service delivery

With a relatively high proportion of the population living outside of major cities and towns, in outer regional or remote areas (see chart above based on ABS data), Queensland faces an additional challenge in delivering government services such as health … Continue reading

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