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Queensland regional unemployment maps, May 2013

I’ve prepared some maps based on the ABS regional unemployment rate data released yesterday. I’ve taken the numbers from Queensland Treasury’s briefing on the data, which presents 12-month moving averages of the ABS data to smooth out the high degree … Continue reading

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Unemployment remains high in Far North & Wide Bay-Burnett

OESR’s information brief on the latest ABS regional unemployment data shows that unemployment remains stubbornly high in the tourism-dependent regions of Far North Queensland and Wide Bay-Burnett: These high unemployment rates are no doubt due in part to declines in … Continue reading

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Far North labour market steadily improving, Wide Bay-Burnett getting worse

Here’s a chart of the 12 month moving averages of unemployment rates in the Queensland regions that are most under pressure due to the high exchange rate: This is based on today’s detailed labour force data release from the ABS.

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Tales of the two-speed economy

Cashed up miners are pushing up rents in Mackay, with some prepared to pay $700+ per week for a house: 450 join already long queue Meanwhile the Fraser Coast economy remains in a slump, due to a drop in international … Continue reading

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Just what are the aliens supposed to be looking for in Maryborough?

Maryborough residents concerned about UFOs should ask what possible motive would aliens have for visiting the town – is the Fraser Coast attracting intergalactic retirees? Perhaps due to a dearth of real local news, the Fraser Coast Chronicle is obsessed … Continue reading

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Bundy booming with sea changers

With Bundaberg house prices having risen 189% since 2003, a report in the Bundaberg News Mail draws attention to the impact of sea changers and retirees on Queensland coastal communities: Bundy’s soaring cost of living Of course, higher house prices … Continue reading

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