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Economic impact of COVID-19 & policy responses webinar for QUT Centre for Data Science

The video recording of a webinar on the economic impact of COVID-19 I participated in last Friday is now available. The other panellists were Danielle Wood from the Grattan Institute, Griffith Professor Tony Makin, and QUT Professor Pascalis Raimondos. My … Continue reading

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ABC Brisbane JobKeeper bungle interview – $60bn error hugely embarrassing but actually good news

On 612 ABC Brisbane yesterday morning I mentioned to host Bec Levingston my first reaction to hearing the news about the $60 billion JobKeeper forecasting bungle was sympathy for my former Treasury colleagues. It’s hugely embarrassing, but actually good news … Continue reading

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Chat with CCIQ’s Jack Baxter on collapse in business conditions & confidence

I spoke with CCIQ Economic and Policy Advisor Jack Baxter earlier today regarding the corona-crisis-induced collapse in business conditions and confidence reported in the March quarter Suncorp-CCIQ Pulse Survey report. Business conditions and confidence are at their worst levels in … Continue reading

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Qld jobless rate at 6.8% but effectively over 10%

This afternoon I caught up with Ben Scott, who works as a Research Assistant in my business Adept Economics, to discuss the April Labour Force data published by the ABS today, as well as the possible shape of the eventual … Continue reading

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Premier’s 2016 Lodge dinner remark to Turnbull highlighted Vertical Fiscal Imbalance problem

I started reading Malcolm Turnbull’s autobiography A Bigger Picture on the weekend, and it’s much better than I expected, with lots of interesting revelations and insights into the last couple of decades of Australian politics. One of my favourites is … Continue reading

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Benefits of going cashless in addition to social distancing

Regular QEW reader Denise alerted me to an article on the New Normal in Dining (in this time of coronavirus) in the Murdoch papers this week, which reported: Restaurants and Catering Australia said many measure that are in place currently … Continue reading

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Highlights of recent coronavirus-related podcast episodes

In my latest Economics Explained podcast episode, I review some of the big issues covered in recent episodes on coronavirus. Brisbane-based businessman Tim Hughes of Urban Ergo and I react to excerpts of recent episodes and discuss the important policy … Continue reading

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