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Too early to assess Qantas dispute impacts

The Qantas dispute should have minimal impacts on the Queensland economy so long as it is resolved quickly and we don’t have another grounding of the fleet. But, as Saturday’s bold move by Qantas showed, the situation is highly unpredictable. … Continue reading

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Investment pipeline begins – wrong time to cut interest rates

From the OESR Queensland State Accounts released earlier this week: Let’s hope the RBA saw this chart before it finalised the Board papers for the Cup day meeting. Cutting rates now would add to demand pressures and lead to higher … Continue reading

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Occupy Brisbane anarchists struggle to draft mission statement

Occupy Brisbane at Post Office Square is fascinating but will ultimately turn out to be futile. Unlike protestors against the Vietnam war or apartheid, the movement isn’t advancing a specific and potentially achievable policy position, but instead calling for some … Continue reading

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Will the RBA cut interest rates on Cup day?

Following yesterday’s lower than expected inflation data, and concerns about the Euro zone, there is speculation the RBA board will cut interest rates on Melbourne Cup day (Low inflation raises case for RBA rate cut). I doubt the board will … Continue reading

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OESR expects Qld population growth to recover

In the latest Queensland Economic Review, released today, Queensland Treasury’s Office of Economic and Statistical Research (OESR) expects a turnaround in Queensland’s population growth, which in recent years has been lacklustre, partly due to a decline in overseas student numbers … Continue reading

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Mining companies poaching Bundy tradies

Back in the 1980s, when there was a massive increase in university enrolments and attainment, the folk wisdom was that a trade was a good thing to fall back on, if your professional career or business failed, and hence it … Continue reading

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Stamp duty volatility a risk to the Qld Budget

RP Data’s Cameron Kusher makes some good points regarding the risk to the budget from relying on stamp duty revenue, which varies with the total value of property sales, as reported in the Townsville Bulletin yesterday (Governments facing stamp duty … Continue reading

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Far North economy gradually improving, but Gold Coast still weak

The latest ABS regional labour force data released yesterday show different trends for two of the Queensland regions hardest hit by the higher Australia dollar. While the Far North’s economy is gradually improving, the Gold Coast’s economy remains weak. Charts … Continue reading

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Treasury chief’s nuanced optimism on China

Treasury Secretary Dr Martin Parkinson delivered a highly informative speech to a Goldman Sachs conference yesterday, in which he noted: …Treasury has often been portrayed as eternally optimistic on the Chinese economy – in fact, our analysis is far more … Continue reading

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Torres Strait autonomy very unlikely

I’m surprised our political leaders haven’t firmly rejected calls for Torres Strait autonomy (see PM looks at Torres Strait islands’ autonomy), given that creating a new Territory, a new parliament and more politicians anywhere in Australia would be highly unpopular. … Continue reading

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