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Should Australia cut the company tax rate?

Pauline Hanson’s opinion piece in yesterday’s Australian arguing against the Turnbull Government’s planned company tax cut (and in favour of state government payroll tax cuts instead) may well mean the end for the Turnbull Government’s planned cut. Hanson’s article highlights … Continue reading

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Weekend reading: CIS Policy mag featuring my article on film industry subsidies, available at good newsagents

If you’re looking for something to read this weekend, you could try the latest issue of the Centre for Independent Studies’ magazine Policy, which includes some excellent feature articles. These include an article on the worrying levels of public debt … Continue reading

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Young Economist Award winner Lionel Page to explain how people can be “optimally irrational”

Last year, the Prime Minister launched a behavioural economics or “Nudge” unit in his Department (see my post from last November), following similar initiatives in the US and UK. The Government is looking at how it can use the insights … Continue reading

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Go Qld campaign moves on to attack payroll tax and penalty rates

The Courier-Mail’s terrific “Go Queensland” campaign has today moved on to the issues of payroll tax and penalty rates, both of which I covered in my paper for the Jobs Growth Summit last week (see related post). I am quoted … Continue reading

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Huge disparities in GST carve up per capita: NT gets $13k per person, WA gets $760

Commenting on my post from earlier today, a colleague noted that, in per capita terms (rather than in terms of total amounts), three States and Territories, the Northern Territory, Tasmania and South Australia, do much better than Queensland in the … Continue reading

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“Why economics matters” is the theme of ESA Qld Presidency of Prof. Flavio Menezes

With an upcoming federal election that will feature a contest over tax policy, including negative gearing and whatever proposals the Government announces, Australians should brace themselves for an onslaught of economic arguments. The Government will argue the Opposition’s policy will … Continue reading

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Negative gearing fine in principle, but capital gains tax discount creates major distortion

The Australian Government is right to be looking at reforming the rules around negative gearing, as the current rules appear to be distorting the market and encouraging excessive borrowing for investment properties (as well as denying the Government significant amounts … Continue reading

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