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Further TAFE job cuts likely in new contestable training market

The effective corporatisation of TAFE Queensland last year (see Qld TAFE to become statutory body) and the push for greater contestability in training funding – both of which I support – will no doubt lead to a rationalisation of Queensland … Continue reading

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Potential savings for Newman Govt through cutting ineffective VET funding (e.g. for hairdressing)

In a recent conference paper published today by NCVER, Australia’s leading expert on vocational education and training (VET) Tom Karmel summarises recent research on the wage premium due to completing an apprenticeship or traineeship as follows (p. 11): This research … Continue reading

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Annual cap on mining approvals undesirable and impractical

In the Cairns Post today, in an article with the over-the-top title of People desert Cairns in droves, there is reference to the South of the Embley mining project which is being held up by the need to secure environmental … Continue reading

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Restoring the ideal of a vocation

A new discussion paper from the NCVER reminded me of George Eliot’s great novel Middlemarch, which has as its theme the ideal of having a vocation in life – something more than a job, something more akin to a calling. … Continue reading

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Reforming apprenticeships

Around 50% of apprenticeships in Queensland are cancelled before they are completed, raising a question about whether apprentice wages are too low relative to welfare payments. Of course, if apprentice wages were higher, employers might not take them on. Today’s … Continue reading

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