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Japanese tourism revival may be unlikely given demographic trends

I noticed a report in the Cairns Post this morning regarding an initiative aimed at reviving Japanese tourism to Far North Queensland: THE tourism industry is pinning its hopes on a new joint Australia and Japan tourism campaign to return … Continue reading

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Large disparity in unemployment rates across Brisbane suburbs

An important policy debate in 2012 was around the level of unemployment benefits, with welfare groups such as ACOSS arguing people on Newstart could be too poor to look for work (as reported on I have some sympathy for … Continue reading

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When will Queensland get its AAA credit rating back?

I’m unsurprised by Wayne Swan’s announcement the surplus is unachievable – it always was, even when the outlook was better, as I posted on previously (Budget turnaround looks implausible in Treasurer’s chart). Also the Queensland budget update today contained no surprises, … Continue reading

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Queenslanders less active than other Australians – no surprise we lead Australia in obesity

I’ve previously posted on the higher rate of obesity in Queensland than in other States (Qld leads Australia on obesity), and no doubt a major contributor is the lower rate of participation in sport and physical recreation in Queensland than … Continue reading

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Qld still has second highest population growth rate in Australia

OESR has published a useful information brief on today’s new ABS population data, from which I’ve copied the chart below showing Queensland is still performing reasonably well in population growth terms. The ABS media release on the data is worth a read. … Continue reading

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Gold Coast holiday bookings confirm domestic tourism recovery

There is some good news for our tourism sector reported in the Gold Coast Bulletin this morning, and I expect the news will be similar at other holiday destinations across Queensland (Occupancy up at Gold Coast hotels): MANY Gold Coast … Continue reading

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Impressive start to Qld Govt data disclosure – check out Dept of Communities grants data

The article Queensland Police are zeroing in on crime, and a planned street map of offences will be just a click away alerted me to the Queensland Government data website, which, while incomplete, represents an impressive start to making the huge … Continue reading

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Mining has been only “pillar” generating jobs

Queensland Investment Corporation CEO Damien Frawley made some astute observations on the outlook for Queensland’s economy, which were reported in the Courier-Mail this morning: THE resources boom will leave a lasting legacy for Queensland’s economy regardless of when it runs … Continue reading

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Building industry recovery most evident in Brisbane and Central Qld (192% growth through the year)

After reading the Townsville Bulletin report Housing Industry is Rebuilding I found the Master Builders media release on the ABS’s regional building approvals data released earlier this week. The media release includes a useful summary of the data that has … Continue reading

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Domestic tourism continues to recover in Qld

There is some useful information on recent trends in domestic tourism (i.e. Australians holidaying in Australia) in Tourism Queensland’s latest Domestic Tourism Snapshot for the year ended September 2012. Domestic tourism in Queensland continues to recover, but still appears below … Continue reading

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