Top twenty largest cities and towns in Queensland by population

I get quite a few hits on my blog from people searching for the populations of Queensland cities, particularly Townsville, given an old post of mine: Is Townsville or Cairns the capital of North Qld?. Hence I’ve decided to chart Queensland Treasury’s estimates of the 2012 populations of Queensland’s urban centres and localities (see chart below based on the Treasury data). For those interested in the pointless debate about the capital of North Queensland, Townsville is clearly ahead of Cairns on the Treasury data.


Update: As discussed in the comments on this post, the Queensland Treasury data I used in this post rolled Ipswich, Logan, Redlands, and Moreton Bay into the Brisbane “urban centre”. For a presentation of the data by local government area, see my post:

Qld councils & the 80:20 rule – 81% of Queenslanders live in just 12 out of 78 LGAs

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12 Responses to Top twenty largest cities and towns in Queensland by population

  1. Katrina Drake says:

    The 180,000 population of Ipswich will be disappointed they have been deleted from their rightful place of 4th largest city, and have dropped from the list altogether. They certainly won’t appreciate being lumped in with Brisbane population figures.

    The twin city rivalry along the East Coast is always interesting – Townsville V Cairns, Rockhampton V Mackay , Bundaberg V Maryborough . Particularly difficult for our planners when trying to distribute health and transport services.

    Toowoomba seems to be the centre to watch, exceptional growth and interest in this regional centre.

  2. Jim Devine says:

    Gene – I notice Logan City is not acknowledged in its own right.

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  3. Katrina Drake says:

    Must admit I had to look up Bongaree-Woorim on goggle maps – I had never heard of it. Though it might be a booming resource town. Strange this Bribie Island settlement get a rating in the top 20 – and Ipswich and Logan City don’t . Weird !

    • Gene Tunny says:

      Yes, I had thought this urban centre and localities data set might be more informative than looking at populations by local government areas, but given the weird results I now think it may not be a good way to look at the data. Thanks for your comment.

  4. Michael says:

    You guys forgot Redcliffe city population of 51,174 according to wikipedia

    • Gene Tunny says:

      Michael, thanks for the comment. As with Logan and Ipswich, in the Treasury data it’s combined with Brisbane. I’ll try to split them out from Brisbane and redo the chart.

  5. Pam Lane says:

    Ipswich seems to be missing. It is not part of Brisbane

  6. John Mallet says:

    Where is Ipswich in this list?

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