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Long-term trend in average working hours – big drop over last 100 years

A comment from a reader on my Friday post on robotics and automation got me thinking about long-term trends in average working hours. Historical data on standard male working hours (from Glenn Withers’s chapter in Vamplew’s Australians: Historical Statistics), which … Continue reading

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Economic implications of robotics and automation

There is increasingly serious discussion about the implications of major advances in robotics and automation and what these advances mean for the future economy, particularly whether robots will replace humans in many jobs. For example, the OECD has observed that … Continue reading

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Mining investment decline has driven recent economic weakness

New data from the ABS show that although residential and commercial building activity is picking up nicely, the pick up is in no way large enough to offset the decline in heavy/engineering construction, which has largely occurred in the resources … Continue reading

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Builders much more optimistic than current conditions would warrant

Broadly speaking, humans are biased towards being optimistic, and the Master Builders Survey of Industry Conditions for June 2014 is a good example of the optimism bias. Builders across Queensland, and especially in the South-East, are much more optimistic about … Continue reading

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Privatisation proceeds should be spent wisely

I have an opinion piece in today’s Courier-Mail on asset sales/privatisation: Corporatisation has brought efficiency gains but there is still room for more gains through privatisation It’s based largely on my speech from a few weeks ago: Productivity and privatisation. … Continue reading

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US tax guru Dan Mitchell criticises federal debt levy

Cato Institute economist and former George H.W. Bush adviser Dan Mitchell gave a fantastic presentation tonight to the Queensland branch of the Economic Society on tax avoidance and tax competition. Dan is highly critical of OECD efforts to discourage member … Continue reading

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Costello right to support drop in $1,000 GST-free threshold for online purchases

I’m pleased to see former Federal Treasurer Peter Costello backs retailers’ call to lower online GST threshold. There is the obvious level playing field argument that Costello makes. Also, with Federal and State Governments facing big challenges in repairing their … Continue reading

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Palmer plan for State split could make sense if part of wider Govt reform

The Palmer United Party’s plan to split Queensland by creating a new State of North Queensland (Palmer MP calls for State split) is worthy of further discussion, particularly if consideration is given to a potentially wider, more valuable reform: the abolition … Continue reading

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Speech to University of the Third Age Redlands on the Australian Economy

This morning I addressed the University of the Third Age Redlands at the Donald Simpson Centre, Cleveland on the topic of The Australian Economy: Where we’ve come from, where we’re going. My prepared remarks are reproduced below. I varied the … Continue reading

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Unemployment rate is partly a policy choice – cut regulation to create jobs

Upon the retirement of Treasury Secretary Ted Evans in 2001, then Prime Minister John Howard noted: Ted…has been a leading contributor to public debate, particularly issues of structural reform, such as the functioning of the labour market. He highlighted the … Continue reading

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