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Stimulus was always going to be problematic in an open economy

One of the major implications of the 1983 floating of the Australian dollar was that fiscal policy became less powerful than monetary policy. Any fiscal expansion (i.e. stimulus) would put pressure on domestic interest rates, attracting money into Australia (some … Continue reading

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Drunk walking increase suggests need for taxi industry reform

This story in today’s Brisbane Times on the staggering rise in drunken accidents reminded me of the US finding in Levitt and Dubner’s SuperFreakonomics that: Doing the math, you find that, on a per-mile basis, a drunk walker is eight … Continue reading

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How can Brisbane get into the top 25 liveable cities?

Monocle’s 2011 list of top 25 liveable cities includes Melbourne at number 5 and Sydney at number 7, but does not include Brisbane. At the very least, if we want a chance of getting on to this list, we need … Continue reading

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Economic Potential of Senior Australians

Yesterday the Advisory Panel on the Economic Potential of Senior Australians delivered its first report to Deputy PM-Treasurer Wayne Swan. While I think the Panel is unlikely to yield much of substance – i.e. beyond feel-good recommendations such as governments … Continue reading

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Retail trade has held up better in Qld than in rest of Australia

Retail turnover has held up better in Queensland than in the rest of Australia (excluding WA) according to this chart in OESR’s latest Queensland Economic Review: Again, while the resources boom is delivering Queensland much good fortune, WA still leads … Continue reading

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Qld agriculture reliant on 457 visas

At the end of July, there were 920 temporary, business-sponsored migrants holding 457 visas working in agriculture in Queensland, compared with 300 in NSW and smaller numbers in other States (see Table 1.22 in this Immigration department report). While over … Continue reading

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Buy local policy would be costly in the long-term

With the two-speed (a.k.a. patchwork) economy driven by the resources boom – and associated high exchange rate – Australia was always going to see more job losses in manufacturing, such as the 1,000 jobs lost at BlueScope Steel. The Government … Continue reading

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