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Deloitte highlights trade tensions with China and lower commodity prices as risks to Qld recovery

According to today’s Courier-Mail, Deloitte’s new Business Outlook report highlights the risks to Queensland’s economic recovery from lower commodity prices and trade tensions with China affecting our commodity, tourism, and education exports. Deloitte also rightly mentions the risk to the … Continue reading

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Economic impacts of the North & North West Qld floods – Initial views

All week we have been hearing the awful news about all the dead cattle in North and North West Queensland as a result of the recent floods. An estimate of around half a million dead cattle has been suggested, although … Continue reading

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PC natural disaster funding recommendations could cost Qld over a billion

The Productivity Commission has injected a huge dose of economic rationalism into its recent draft report on natural disaster funding, which contains a recommendation to cut future Commonwealth support from 75% to 50% of the repair bill – a recommendation … Continue reading

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Disasters have had huge budgetary impacts

The Queensland State Budget is out and it contains a clear analysis of the huge budgetary impact of natural disasters, particularly: the large expenditure associated with disasters (e.g. around $2.5 billion to deal with ex-Tropical Cyclone Oswald’s impacts); and the … Continue reading

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Flood-proofing levy has merit, but funds should go into Consolidated Revenue

Given Queensland’s budgetary challenges, there is merit in the Government’s plan to raise additional money to pay for flood-proofing projects through a special levy, as reported in the Courier-Mail this morning. I would, however, advise against having the money paid … Continue reading

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Growing list of impacts and costs of big wet

One economic impact I failed to explicitly mention in my post yesterday on the economic impact of the big wet is the impact on the sugarcane crop, which may be very signficant, as reported in the Courier-Mail this morning: Yesterday, … Continue reading

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Economic impact of the Big Wet in Queensland

The heavy rain, winds and floods that have resulted from ex-tropical cyclone Oswald have caused a large amount of human suffering and will have an adverse short-term impact on Queensland’s economy. I expect the adverse short-term impacts will arise mainly as … Continue reading

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Storms and floods reveal need for public education campaign on disasters

After South-East Queensland’s wild weekend of storms, the Queensland Government should consider a public education campaign on how to stay safe during storms and floods, as the Bureau of Meteorology obviously doesn’t see that as its role. While the Bureau … Continue reading

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Whole world struggling to manage disaster risk

I was pleased to learn that the World Bank and Government of Japan are hosting the Sendai Dialogue tomorrow and Wednesday this week to discuss how the world better manages disaster risk. This is a critical issue because, assuming no … Continue reading

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Qld much more costly to run than other States

The Commonwealth Grants Commission announced yesterday that Queensland’s share of GST revenue will increase from around 19% in 2011-12 to 20% in 2012-13, largely reflecting increased costs due to natural disasters (see 2012 Update Report). In addition to its update … Continue reading

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