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Traffic congestion is deadly

Here’s some bad news for Brisbane commuters who endure the slow crawl along Coronation Drive and our other major roads in peak hour – traffic congestion can cause heart attacks, according to a new study published in the pre-eminent medical journal … Continue reading

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Should Australian taxpayers subsidise Baz Luhrmann’s Gatsby movie?

The Great Gatsby is among two novels with a legitimate claim to being called the Great American Novel – the other being the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn – so it’s surprising Baz Luhrmann is making his $120 million Gatsby adaptation … Continue reading

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Post flood Brisbane economy sluggish, but should pick up soon

The spirits of Brisbane western suburbs residents and office workers were no doubt lifted when they first saw the sign announcing that the McDonalds on Milton Rd, next to the still closed BP and Officeworks, is reopening on 28 February. … Continue reading

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Reforming apprenticeships

Around 50% of apprenticeships in Queensland are cancelled before they are completed, raising a question about whether apprentice wages are too low relative to welfare payments. Of course, if apprentice wages were higher, employers might not take them on. Today’s … Continue reading

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Is it sensible for governments to take out disaster insurance?

SA Senator Nick Xenophon is pushing the Commonwealth Government to force state governments to take out disaster insurance, in return for his support of the flood levy: States may be forced to take out disaster insurance This may not be … Continue reading

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Queensland’s fiscal performance has slumped, but we’re still doing fine

As was made clear when the Queensland Government lost its AAA credit rating in early 2009, our Government’s financial circumstances have deteriorated somewhat in recent years. A new report from the Centre for Independent Studies (CIS), a conservative though non-partisan … Continue reading

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Gladstone’s tight rental market

The LNG-led boom in Gladstone is raising local concerns about a housing/rental crisis, as reported in yesterday’s Gladstone Observer: Housing/rental crisis not unique The tight rental market has prompted the usual criticisms of real estate agents and landlords: Gladstone Mayor … Continue reading

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