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No rebound for building approvals in Queensland

Residential building approvals have rebounded in NSW and Victoria, growing at 14.0% and 4.6% respectively in October, while building approvals in Queensland declined by 0.7%, according to today’s ABS building approvals data (see the seasonally adjusted data). Across Australia, building … Continue reading

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Proposed Wacol development should be welcomed

Wacol, on the western outskirts of Brisbane City, has not had a salubrious history.  Its name derives from a weighbridge which weighed coal at the railway station – “weigh coal” became Wacol.  Today it is best known for its prison, … Continue reading

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QR investors make a tidy profit

It’s reassuring news for the Queensland economy that QR National didn’t tank on its sharemarket debut yesterday.  As reported in the Sydney Morning Herald (QRN float defies doubters by not sinking): Retail investors who paid $2.45 a share made a … Continue reading

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Queensland remains fattest State

The latest Fitness First Magazine (Nov 2010, p. 127) reports that 60% of adults in Queensland are overweight or obese (i.e. with a Body Mass Index of 25 or over), based on new research conducted by Galaxy Research.  The full … Continue reading

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Disappointing QR float likely to inspire move against Bligh

A persistent rumour around Brisbane in 2010 has been that, once the asset sales were out of the way, the Labor caucus would oust Bligh and replace her with Attorney-General Cameron Dick, clearly Labor’s best performer in recent times.  With … Continue reading

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Fat cats getting fatter – by over 6% per annum

Given the pretty ordinary performance of governments across Australia in recent years (e.g. killer home insulation programs, loans being granted without proper approval, never-ending buck passing on our inadequate health system), you might expect some restraint among our pollies and … Continue reading

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Does Queensland need an Urban Land Development Authority?

Throughout Queensland’s history, the State Government has, at times, over-reached and intervened excessively in the economy – with one memorable example being the 90 or so State-run butcher shops which operated between 1915 and 1929 (see this heritage register entry … Continue reading

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Improving teacher effectiveness

Melbourne-based think tank the Grattan Institute has just released a great paper on teacher effectiveness, which it argues is critical to boosting our educational outcomes and productivity: Investing in our teachers, investing in our economy The paper argues in favour … Continue reading

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Should Queensland ban plastic shopping bags?

There is a risk that plastic shopping bags will be banned nationwide in a token, feel good effort to look after the environment.  Friday’s Sydney Morning Herald (Ban on plastic bags spreads to Tasmania) reported: MOMENTUM appears to be growing … Continue reading

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Why is QIC government owned anyway?

This week’s sale of Port of Brisbane for $2.3 billion to a consortium including QIC (a government-owned corporation) generated a few laughs.  For example, Professor John Quiggin of Queensland University observed: Bligh and Fraser sell Port of Brisbane … to … Continue reading

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