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Mining & Ag have partly shielded several Qld regions from COVID shock

As shown in my post on the latest payroll jobs data from the ABS, the regions which have fared the best in Queensland since the COVID-related economic crisis began in March are Toowoomba and Central Queensland, likely due to the … Continue reading

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Road trip to Roma

I returned to Brisbane this morning, after a road trip to Roma, and I’m much less worried about the Queensland economy than I was at the end of last week when I saw the Federal Treasury’s revised national forecasts in … Continue reading

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Toowoomba very reliant on education sector – risk from higher ed reform

An article in the Toowoomba Chronicle has reminded me just how significant the University of Southern Queensland has been to Toowoomba’s economic development and prosperity, and the USQ Vice-Chancellor is certainly right to be concerned about potential higher education policy … Continue reading

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Commonwealth should give up student target – big savings possible from higher ed reform

The Commonwealth is projected to spend over $10 billion on higher education by 2016-17 according to the 2013-14 Budget papers (see chart above). Hence it’s unsurprising the Government is looking at savings in this area, as reported in the Australian … Continue reading

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ACCC inquiry should investigate why Brisbane has fewer petrol stations per capita than Toowoomba

With the closure of the Caltex on Benson St and the BP on Jephson St in Toowong in recent years, there are now only three petrol stations in a short drive from my flat compared with five around a decade … Continue reading

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Boom town on the Range

Anyone who has traveled through Toowoomba on the congested Warrego Highway in  recent times would agree that the city is booming, with signs of activity everywhere. The town is a major service centre for the Surat Basin, being the base … Continue reading

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Meatworks shut down is bad news for Toowoomba

Toowoomba has just over 50,000 employed persons, so the potential loss of over 1,000 jobs through the indefinite closure of the Beef City meatworks is really bad news. If 1,000 people end up unemployed in the short-term, that will drive … Continue reading

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