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Growing interstate migration to Qld reflects improving economy & relatively more affordable house prices

As well as releasing the first batch of 2016 Census data, the ABS also updated its quarterly population estimates yesterday, and I was very pleased to see net interstate migration to Queensland is picking up nicely (see chart below). This … Continue reading

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After botched 2016 Census, let’s have it every ten years and properly resource and manage it

The compliance cost to the community of the upcoming Census has been magnified by the anxiety its botched implementation is causing Australians (see this Fairfax report on Census chaos). It appears many elderly Australians have been surprised by the letters … Continue reading

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Effective population numbers much higher than usual residents in central and western Qld (and Cairns)

Some interesting data were released by the ABS today comparing the number of people counted in each local government area (LGA) on Census night compared with the number of usual residents (see chart below). The chart shows the ratio of … Continue reading

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Uni not essential for success, but on average uni graduates do better

I’m disappointed news.com.au tonight features the really silly headline “Four reasons you should bypass uni”, under photos of Mark Zuckerberg, Steven Spielberg, Ellen DeGeneres and Richard Branson. Sure, you can be hugely successful without going to university, if you work incredibly … Continue reading

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Six of the ten high growth mining towns in Queensland

The ABS published an excellent Australian Social Trends piece on Towns of the Mining Boom yesterday, noting the impact of fly-in, fly-out (FIFO) workers. Six of the ten high growth mining towns reported by the ABS are in Queensland (see … Continue reading

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Sunnybank a major centre for diversity in Brisbane

The Government Statistician and the Queensland Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and Multicultural Affairs (DATSIMA) have released a great new publication Diversity Figures based on 2011 Census data. Check out this excellent map in the publication showing the … Continue reading

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Large decline in rate of homelessness in Qld over last decade

I have no idea whether this is due to good luck or good management, but ABS Census data released today show Queensland’s rate of homelessness has fallen over the last decade to be comparable with rates in NSW and Victoria:

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