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Population Growth – Queensland’s recent slump (Guest post from Alistair Robson)

I am delighted to publish a guest post from my friend and fellow economist Dr Alistair Robson on the slowdown in Queensland’s population growth in recent years. GT Population Growth – Queensland’s recent slump By Dr Alistair Robson Queensland has … Continue reading

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Qld full-time employment still below level of five years ago, but hopefully is on the upswing

Queensland’s economic story over the last few years has been dominated by the end of the mining boom, which has had particularly adverse impacts in some Queensland regions, such as in the Fitzroy, Mackay and Townsville regions. The end of … Continue reading

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Heavy construction decline has been greater in Qld than in WA

As I have discussed previously, relatively weak economic conditions in several Queensland regions, including Townsville and the outback, have been partly due to the mining downturn (see my post from last Saturday). At the same time as capital expenditure on … Continue reading

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The long game of regulatory reform: One step forward for WA, two steps back for Qld

Guest post from Rod Bogaards The humble spud is not normally front and centre of economic debate. But news that Western Australians will finally be able to freely grow, market and buy potatoes provides an interesting case study of how … Continue reading

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Huge disparities in GST carve up per capita: NT gets $13k per person, WA gets $760

Commenting on my post from earlier today, a colleague noted that, in per capita terms (rather than in terms of total amounts), three States and Territories, the Northern Territory, Tasmania and South Australia, do much better than Queensland in the … Continue reading

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Should Qld taxi plate owners be compensated for the recent disruption to the taxi industry?

Guest post by Rod Bogaards* Recent announcements by the NSW and WA Governments to legalise ride sharing service UberX have also included proposals for ‘adjustment assistance’ for taxi plate owners. Taxi plate owners are understandably concerned over the loss of … Continue reading

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Interstate migration to Qld remains low, probably reflecting sluggish labour market

I remember it was once common in Australian TV shows to have characters move to Queensland when the actors wanted to leave the series or a character was no longer popular. The TV shows had obviously noticed the popularity of Queensland … Continue reading

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Slowdown in Qld mining sector jobs growth, but no slump like in WA yet

MacroBusiness had a good post the other day (Where are the job gains and losses?) based on the detailed quarterly ABS labour force data released on Thursday. MacroBusiness’s charts show very slow growth in mining employment in Queensland and a … Continue reading

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Qld records respectable population growth in 2012 – still waiting for interstate migration rebound

In 2012, Queensland’s population grew 2.0% to 4.61 million people, a respectable growth rate but only slightly above the Australian population growth rate of 1.8% and much lower than WA’s growth rate of 3.5% (see Queensland Treasury’s nice briefing on … Continue reading

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Resources sector investment hasn’t peaked yet in Qld – we now lead Australia in construction

Unlike the rest of Australia, construction activity increased in Queensland in the March quarter. This was due to heavy, so-called engineering construction, no doubt resources sector-related, as residential and non-residential building activity (i.e. houses, flats, office buildings, shopping centres, etc) continues … Continue reading

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