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Coal, climate change, solar & batteries – why Qld Treasury wanted to offload the state’s energy assets

The recent Financial Times report Development bank halts coal financing to combat climate change, reprinted in this morning’s AFR, should prompt some serious long-term thinking from the Queensland government and local governments with regional economies heavily dependent on coal mining, … Continue reading

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NSW winning fiscal State of Origin

My former Treasury colleague and old friend Joe Branigan, now at Cadence Economics and SMART Infrastructure Facility, was quick to tweet a State-of-Origin themed chart yesterday following the release of the NSW State Budget (see Joe’s chart below). As noted … Continue reading

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Comments on asset sales/privatisation in Saturday’s Courier-Mail

At the IAQ Infrastructure Summit in Brisbane on Thursday last week, several participants lamented that Queensland was missing out on the benefits of so-called asset recycling that NSW and Victoria were expecting. The privatisation issue will not die in Queensland, … Continue reading

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My comments in today’s Courier-Mail on $3bn Qld revenue write-down

Yesterday’s announcement that the Queensland Budget will suffer a further $3 billion in revenue write-downs confirmed what I have been saying for a while now about Queensland’s under-performing economy. I am quoted in today’s Courier-Mail (pay-walled, sorry) noting that the … Continue reading

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Has Queensland kicked the can down the road? – guest post from Keiran Travers

The still undecided Queensland election has given many of us reason to think about the future of our State, and I’m delighted to publish a guest post from Keiran Travers, a Brisbane-based infrastructure expert, who wonders whether Queensland has kicked … Continue reading

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Lease complications mean asset sales a better option

The Government may be having second thoughts about its decision to lease out rather than sell assets, as it’s facing a lot of tricky (and legitimate) questions on what the lease conditions would be from opponents such as the ETU … Continue reading

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Success of privatisation plan requires $12 billion spent wisely

As I’ve commented on previously, I’d prefer the Queensland Government to allocate all of the privatisation proceeds to debt reduction to maximise our chances of regaining our AAA credit rating. By allocating a sizable fraction – now $12 billion according … Continue reading

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ABC radio interview on asset leases

At a BDO economic outlook breakfast I attended at the Brisbane Convention Centre this morning, Treasurer Tim Nicholls announced that the Government would consider asset leases as an alternative to the previously announced sale of the power generators and the … Continue reading

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Privatisation proceeds should be spent wisely

I have an opinion piece in today’s Courier-Mail on asset sales/privatisation: Corporatisation has brought efficiency gains but there is still room for more gains through privatisation It’s based largely on my speech from a few weeks ago: Productivity and privatisation. … Continue reading

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Productivity and Privatisation – panel discussion at Griffith University, Southbank

I was delighted to speak alongside productivity expert Dean Parham at a Griffith University panel discussion earlier tonight on productivity and privatisation. Thanks to Alex Robson of Griffith for organising the excellent, well-attended event. My prepared remarks are below. I … Continue reading

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