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The Gig Economy – Economics Explained episode with Darren Brady Nelson

The topic of my latest Economics Explained episode is the so-called gig economy. Across the world, we’ve seen a surge in freelancing and contract work, facilitated by the proliferation of laptops and smartphones, and by web platforms such as Uber and Upwork. … Continue reading

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Fantastic news about Uber legalisation – now Government needs to resist calls for compensation of taxi industry

It is fantastic news that the Queensland Government will, finally, legalise Uber, as reported in both the Courier-Mail and Brisbane Times this morning, although the option the Government apparently prefers is somewhat less than full deregulation, as taxis will continue … Continue reading

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Guest post by Rod Bogaards: Opportunity lost for Personalised Transport Review

The long-awaited Green Paper for the Personalised Transport Review (aka the Uber Review) has been released. The trouble is, as highlighted by Gene Tunny in a previous post, the Green Paper provides almost no analysis to objectively assess the most … Continue reading

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Fast-tracking of Uber review is great news – Gov’t has adopted one of my Jobs Growth Summit recommendations

I am very pleased the Queensland Government has brought forward the reporting date of its review into taxi and ride-sharing services, as announced by the Premier yesterday (see Brisbane Times coverage). This followed my call for a fast-tracked review in … Continue reading

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Should Qld taxi plate owners be compensated for the recent disruption to the taxi industry?

Guest post by Rod Bogaards* Recent announcements by the NSW and WA Governments to legalise ride sharing service UberX have also included proposals for ‘adjustment assistance’ for taxi plate owners. Taxi plate owners are understandably concerned over the loss of … Continue reading

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Harper Competition Policy Review – guest post by Rod Bogaards

The Queensland Parliament’s passage of the retrograde sugar bill that was put forward by Katter’s Australian Party is a strong sign that we should not hold much hope for sensible economic policy coming out of this hung parliament (see Brisbane … Continue reading

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Upcoming Young Economists Coffee Connections on taxi regulations and Uber

Ian Harper’s Competition Policy Review has set a big agenda for the next, long-overdue wave of micro-economic reform in Australia, with recommendations calling for substantial deregulation of retail trading hours, pharmacies, liquor sales, imports of books and second-hand cars, and … Continue reading

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Unemployment rate is partly a policy choice – cut regulation to create jobs

Upon the retirement of Treasury Secretary Ted Evans in 2001, then Prime Minister John Howard noted: Ted…has been a leading contributor to public debate, particularly issues of structural reform, such as the functioning of the labour market. He highlighted the … Continue reading

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Illogical to reject Uber over safety concerns

It’s disappointing the Queensland Transport Minister Scott Emerson has been swayed by the taxi industry’s argument that safety regulations and supply restrictions (i.e. a limited number of taxi licences) are both needed to ensure passenger safety (Brisbane no closer to … Continue reading

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Uber confusion – Premier was right to back Uber and support deregulated taxi industry

I’m a bit confused about the Queensland Government’s position on the Uber ridesharing service, which has the potential to massively disrupt the highly regulated taxi industry. Taxi industry regulations, particularly the restricted number of licences, result in economic rents (i.e. super … Continue reading

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