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Harper Competition Policy Review – guest post by Rod Bogaards

The Queensland Parliament’s passage of the retrograde sugar bill that was put forward by Katter’s Australian Party is a strong sign that we should not hold much hope for sensible economic policy coming out of this hung parliament (see Brisbane … Continue reading

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QIRC hearing important case on retail trading hours

The Queensland Industrial Relations Commission is currently considering an application from the National Retail Association, which represents big retailers such as Coles and Woolworths, for standardised trading hours across South East Queensland, which would extend opening hours, e.g. up to … Continue reading

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Struggling retail sector would benefit from longer trading hours – National Retail Association bid deserves to win

The National Retail Association bid for extended trading hours deserves support because it would be good for consumers and may provide a boost to a struggling retail sector (see my post from earlier this month: Economic weakness hits Queensland retailers). … Continue reading

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Lacklustre labour market gives added urgency to regulatory reforms

Job vacancies data released by the ABS yesterday suggest the Queensland labour market will remain relatively weak over the next few months at least (see chart above). The data are also consistent with Queensland Treasury’s forecast in the Budget that … Continue reading

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Reduce youth unemployment through improved regulation – e.g. of penalty rates, taxis

With overall unemployment creeping up to 6%, unemployment among 15 to 24 year olds, which tends to be naturally higher anyway and ends up even higher when the economy slows, has increased to over 15% and has re-emerged as a … Continue reading

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Traditional small business lobby much smaller than it once was – should make trading hours deregulation easier

While thinking about retail trading hours the other day, it occurred to me again that the relative decline in traditional corner stores means that arguments in favour of maintaining trading hours restrictions are much less compelling. Across Australia there has … Continue reading

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24-hour retail trading inevitable and desirable

I was very pleased to read in today’s Sunday Mail that Woolworths will open a 24/7 store on Federal Government land at Brisbane airport, avoiding Queensland’s archaic trading hours restrictions. While the Attorney-General has suggested there needs to be a … Continue reading

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West End Aldi could be frontline in battle for retail trading hours deregulation

The push for trading hours deregulation will receive extra impetus from Aldi, which hopes to set up a 24/7 store at West End in Brisbane (see the Brisbane Times report from the other day, Aldi looks to expand into West End). … Continue reading

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More young women studying full-time due to sluggish labour market

Katherine Feeney has an interesting article in the Brisbane Times today on the decline in labour force participation (i.e. working or actively looking for work) among young women in Brisbane since the financial crisis (Young women out of work): In … Continue reading

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OBPR recommends fast-tracked review of trading hours restrictions

The Queensland Government’s new Office of Best Practice Regulation – Queensland’s mini Productivity Commission – released its interim report on Reducing the Burden of Regulation today, and I was very pleased to see it has recommended fast-tracking a review of … Continue reading

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