Gold Coast should be good location for Rolls-Royce dealership

I noticed the Gold Coast Bulletin has today reported that Queensland’s only Rolls-Royce dealership will be located on the Gold Coast (Coast secures Rolls-Royce dealership). This is potentially a good move, as the Gold Coast certainly has a significant number of Queensland’s super rich, based on super luxury car ownership, as I posted on earlier in the year:

Where do Queensland’s super rich live?

While the Gold Coast’s economy has been struggling in recent years, there are positive signs for the tourism industry, and I expect the Gold Coast will recover strongly over the next few years, particularly as construction associated with the upcoming 2018 Commonwealth Games begins. Hence I think Rolls-Royce has probably made a sound decision.

My previous posts on the Gold Coast include:

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2 Responses to Gold Coast should be good location for Rolls-Royce dealership

  1. Katrina Drake says:

    Wow thanks for that insight Gene – I downloaded the data – and I am amazed !

    I had wondered why there has suddenly been a drop to the in-flux of suspicious ‘tree-loppers’ knocking on the door to ask if you wanted a tree cut down, as they cased the street to see who was at home.

    They can now shop for their ‘new’ car at home, on-line.

    Your Kenmore friend.

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