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Very high youth unemployment in North Qld and Wide Bay region

Young people, many of who may be trying to enter the workforce for the first time, are usually disproportionately affected when the economy slows down. Relatively weak conditions in regional Queensland, which I discussed in my last post, have contributed … Continue reading

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Addressing youth unemployment requires reform of workplace relations policies

Youth unemployment has re-emerged as a significant problem in recent years (see chart above), partly as a result of the general economic sluggishness since the financial crisis. Also, Australia’s inflexible workplace relations regulations are likely playing a role, and youth … Continue reading

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Penalty rates reform a priority given youth unemployment rate

The Easter long weekend has once again highlighted the adverse impact penalty rates are having on the hospitality sector, with the Courier-Mail reporting restaurants close over Easter as penalty rates see wages skyrocket. I’ve commented before on how penalty rates make it … Continue reading

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Challenging labour market conditions for young Australians

Professor Jeff Borland has recently published an informative labour market snapshot on What is happening to jobs for the young? As Professor Borland notes, employment opportunities for young people have declined significantly over the last few years as employers have become … Continue reading

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Reduce youth unemployment through improved regulation – e.g. of penalty rates, taxis

With overall unemployment creeping up to 6%, unemployment among 15 to 24 year olds, which tends to be naturally higher anyway and ends up even higher when the economy slows, has increased to over 15% and has re-emerged as a … Continue reading

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