24-hour retail trading inevitable and desirable

I was very pleased to read in today’s Sunday Mail that Woolworths will open a 24/7 store on Federal Government land at Brisbane airport, avoiding Queensland’s archaic trading hours restrictions. While the Attorney-General has suggested there needs to be a thorough consultation process, I expect this would simply yield predictable responses from affected parties. Economic logic and consumer demand are clearly on the side of deregulating trading hours.

Also, I wonder why there is a presumption that retailers have to prove there is a demand for longer trading hours? Perhaps full 24/7 trading is uneconomic in many locations, but let retailers work that out for themselves as they respond to consumer demand. I expect there is a huge demand for longer trading hours, judging by the number of people who pack into our supermarkets on Saturday and Sunday afternoons just before closing time.

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2 Responses to 24-hour retail trading inevitable and desirable

  1. The Happy Hillbilly says:

    I can see a justification for it at an international airport.

    Applied broadly, I can see it being accompanied by a renewed push for the removal of penalty rates in retail.

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