My top ten posts of the 2010s

Since I started Queensland Economy Watch in June 2010, I’ve attempted to cover the changing fortunes of the Queensland economy and state budget as accurately and objectively as possible. It’s been a great experience. I’ve learned a lot and met a lot of interesting people I never would have if I hadn’t started blogging. Without further ado, these are my top ten posts by views since 2010, from first to tenth:

Top twenty largest cities and towns in Qld

Heat map of Brisbane property prices – big opportunities in the Western corridor?

Qld’s economic outlook in 2018

Is Townsville or Cairns the capital of North Qld?

Pros and cons of a $300M royalties holiday for the Adani mega mine

Qld construction industry outlook for 2019 discouraging despite #BNE2025 projects

Where do Qld’s super rich live?

Michael Porter on Cairns’s tourism cluster

Did the financial crisis lead to an increase in Qld’s crime rate?

Which suburbs of Brisbane had the largest increases in unemployment?

My post on the twenty largest cities and towns in Queensland is number one, no doubt due to people googling for the largest cities and towns in Queensland and finding my site. The Queensland Government Statistician’s Office should set up a dedicated page on this topic given the general interest in it. Other top ten posts covered topics of wide interest or controversy, such as those on the property market, the economic outlook, whether Cairns or Townsville is the capital of North Queensland, and the Adani mega mine. Regrettably, link rot has set in on some of the posts.

Finally, a hat tip to Darren Nelson for the idea for this post.

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