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QIRC hearing important case on retail trading hours

The Queensland Industrial Relations Commission is currently considering an application from the National Retail Association, which represents big retailers such as Coles and Woolworths, for standardised trading hours across South East Queensland, which would extend opening hours, e.g. up to … Continue reading

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Uber confusion – Premier was right to back Uber and support deregulated taxi industry

I’m a bit confused about the Queensland Government’s position on the Uber ridesharing service, which has the potential to massively disrupt the highly regulated taxi industry. Taxi industry regulations, particularly the restricted number of licences, result in economic rents (i.e. super … Continue reading

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West End Aldi could be frontline in battle for retail trading hours deregulation

The push for trading hours deregulation will receive extra impetus from Aldi, which hopes to set up a 24/7 store at West End in Brisbane (see the Brisbane Times report from the other day, Aldi looks to expand into West End). … Continue reading

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