West End Aldi could be frontline in battle for retail trading hours deregulation

The push for trading hours deregulation will receive extra impetus from Aldi, which hopes to set up a 24/7 store at West End in Brisbane (see the Brisbane Times report from the other day, Aldi looks to expand into West End). Given current trading hours regulations, this will not be allowable, so Aldi will no doubt be supporting the push for deregulation that is likely to grow out of the Burden of Regulation Review. This review is currently being undertaken by the Queensland Government’s Office of Best Practice Regulation (OBPR), which is expected to publish its final report by the end of this month. The final report will no doubt reaffirm the OBPR’s view in its interim report that there should be a fast-tracked review of trading hours regulations. For links to OBPR’s interim report and some of my numerous posts arguing for trading hours deregulation, see my post from last November:

OBPR recommends fast-tracked review of trading hours restrictions

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