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Deloitte’s weird definition of “strong employment growth” for Qld

I was surprised when I read Deloitte’s latest commentary on the Queensland economy, as reported by the Courier-Mail on Thursday (Jobless rate hides Qld’s economic success story), because the commentary makes little sense: QUEENSLAND’S economy is performing strongly despite the country’s … Continue reading

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Workforce participation drops as Qld economy under-performs

Far North Queensland-based economist Pete Faulkner published a great analysis of the ABS labour force estimates for May on his blog yesterday (Jobs data in Qld is poor again): Unfortunately the picture in Queensland continues to be a weaker one. … Continue reading

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Discouraged workers have moderated rise in unemployment rate since March 2012

In my post last week How many jobs needed to be created over the Qld Government’s first term?, I compared the actual job creation rate of 1,400 per month with the rate of 2,200 per month that would have been … Continue reading

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Qld unemployment rate falls slightly to 6.1% – rising participation a good sign

The March labour force data released today by the ABS, showing the unemployment rate falling to 5.8% from 6.1% in February, were good news for the Australian economy, as reflected in the dollar surging and one prominent commentator forecasting an … Continue reading

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Are baby boomers ruining the careers of Gen Xers?

There was a story in News Ltd papers yesterday regarding how “job-hogging boomers don’t know when to quit” and how this potentially has adverse consequences for the businesses they work in and the next generation of employees. While it’s certainly … Continue reading

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Why is Qld’s participation rate higher than the rest of Australia’s?

Queensland’s labour force participation rate is slightly higher than the national average (see chart below), and historically this has been cited as a reason for a higher unemployment rate than the national average, as I discussed in a post last … Continue reading

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People marginally attached to the labour force behind participation rate movements

In the early 2000s, when Queensland’s unemployment rate seemed permanently stuck around 1-2 percentage points above the national average, it was common for Premier Beattie and Employment Minister Braddy to note that our relatively higher participation rate placed us at … Continue reading

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