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Qld’s economy definitely fared better than Victoria’s which suffered badly from Stage 4 restrictions

Weirdly, CommSec’s latest State of the States report ranked Victoria in 3rd place and Queensland in 5th place, even though Queensland’s economy has definitely fared much better during the pandemic than Victoria’s. In my Thursday post I discussed how silly … Continue reading

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Why Qld’s unemployment rate is highest in nation despite better jobs recovery during pandemic than rest of Australia

When I spoke with Scott Emerson on his 4BC Drive program on Monday (see my Monday QEW post), he asked me how it was that Queensland could possibly have a higher unemployment rate than Victoria given the harsh restrictions they … Continue reading

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Official Qld unemployment rate of 7.9% doesn’t tell the full story

It’s obvious the official unemployment rate figures from the ABS are understating the true unemployment rate due to large numbers of people having left the labour force, evidenced by the collapse in the workforce participation rate. The official estimates for … Continue reading

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Deloitte’s weird definition of “strong employment growth” for Qld

I was surprised when I read Deloitte’s latest commentary on the Queensland economy, as reported by the Courier-Mail on Thursday (Jobless rate hides Qld’s economic success story), because the commentary makes little sense: QUEENSLAND’S economy is performing strongly despite the country’s … Continue reading

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Occupational employment shares in Qld & rest of Australia over the last 30 years

In my previous post I compared the shares of employed people in different occupations across states and territories: Professionals’ share of employment much lower in Qld than in southern states. Based on several questions I’ve had regarding that post, I … Continue reading

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Sorry to tell you, QTC, but the labour market is not a lagging indicator

I’m glad Queensland Treasury Corporation (QTC) remains optimistic about the economic outlook, even after last week’s discouraging labour force data, but I’m afraid one reason behind its optimism is unfounded. In its Weekly Market and Economics Review sent out via … Continue reading

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Qld jobs market remains sluggish – unlikely trend unemployment rate fell last month

Today’s labour force data from the ABS confirmed that the jobs market remains sluggish, with Queensland’s unemployment rate at 5.9 per cent in seasonally adjusted terms. Unfortunately, the ABS data aren’t very precise for Queensland and it’s hard to have … Continue reading

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ABS should review administration of Labour Force Survey in North Qld

I remember one of the old hands in the Queensland Government Statistician’s Office telling me back around 2000 that they once queried the ABS about the reliability of labour force data for Queensland, and were told the main point of … Continue reading

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