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COVID-19, machine trading & financial markets with Michael Knox – Economics Explained EP27

Why are financial markets swinging so wildly in response to the novel coronavirus, COVID-19? Yesterday I spoke with Michael Knox, Chief Economist of Morgans, who thinks it’s related to the machine trading programs which dominate financial markets. Today, I’ve published … Continue reading

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Interview with ABC Radio’s Steve Austin on “The time Australia’s Treasury almost ran out of money”

I had a nice chat with 612 ABC Brisbane’s Steve Austin last Friday morning regarding my time in the Australian Treasury, particularly during the financial crisis in 2008-09, and focusing on what he described as: The time Australia’s Treasury almost … Continue reading

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Ironic that Trump may just be the shock financial markets needed

The election of Donald Trump as US President is undoubtedly a huge shock to global financial markets. Even though it is highly uncertain what policies he will ultimately adopt and can get passed by Congress, it is highly probable he … Continue reading

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Why is budget repair so difficult?

One of my favourite movie scenes is from Jaws, when Roy Scheider’s character Martin Brody, after seeing the shark for the first time, tells the captain “You’re going to need a bigger boat.” That scene came into my mind in … Continue reading

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Nice words from Chris Joye in the AFR regarding my question to the RBA Governor

Leading financial economist Chris Joye has written a great piece in the Australian Financial Review on the issue of how long interest rates may stay at the very low levels they are now (RBA’s Glenn Stevens wrong on low rates … Continue reading

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Privatisation debate continues

It’s unsurprising that former Queensland Treasury supremo Sir Leo Hielscher supports asset sales (as reported in the Brisbane Times today), given that as one-time head of the Treasury Corporation he was very concerned with actually finding the cash to pay the bills … Continue reading

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