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A Fiscal Vaccine for COVID-19 with Tony Makin – new podcast episode

In my latest podcast episode, I speak with Professor Tony Makin of Griffith University about his new CIS Policy Paper A Fiscal Vaccine for COVID-19. In Tony’s words: “the paper considers the resurgence of crude Keynesianism before highlighting risks of … Continue reading

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Cash is king – Seth Godin’s latest podcast episode “Money flows”

Seth Godin’s latest Akimbo podcast episode Money flows is a lucid introduction to the importance of cash flow for business health. Even businesses that appear to be thriving can get into trouble due to the gap between the commencement of … Continue reading

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BOQ’s Peter Deans to give ESA Qld seminar on risk management in financial services

Banks play an important role in modern economies: looking after people’s money, facilitating transactions, and providing credit that gives economies momentum but which can also impart volatility—e.g. when too rapid credit growth inflates housing or commercial property bubbles. Banks are … Continue reading

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Qld currency was model for Australian currency

Last month, former UQ Economics lecturer Dr Jon Stanford published a very interesting paper in the Queensland History Journal titled Queensland’s Own Money, 1893-1910: Model for the Australian Note Issue (paywalled unfortunately). Jon discusses the financial crisis of the early … Continue reading

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