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612 ABC Brisbane follow-up interview on AOFM bond auctions/gov’t borrowing

As I told 612 ABC Brisbane Drive program host Steve Austin earlier this evening, the Australian Office of Financial Management (AOFM) had a good day today, running a successful $2 billion bond auction, selling $2 billion of bonds at a … Continue reading

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The Fast Depression – 10 million newly jobless Americans in just two weeks

It is hard to overstate how rapidly economic conditions are deteriorating in economies affected by coronavirus, most particularly in the United States, which is seeing hitherto unbelievable numbers of people filing for unemployment benefits (see chart below). The 6.6 million … Continue reading

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New COVID-19 chat with Joe Branigan of Tulipwood Economics

I’ve recorded another interview on the latest COVID-19 rescue package from the federal government, this time with my good friend and former Treasury colleague Joe Branigan, Director of Tulipwood Economics. Joe provides important context for the massive rescue package. He … Continue reading

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Is it nonsense to talk about a “GDP per capita recession”?

My colleague Nick Behrens from QEAS is critical of recent references to Australia’s “GDP per capita recession” by the media and the federal Opposition in his latest post A GDP per capita recession is nonsense. Recall that the December quarter … Continue reading

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Qld economy was goosed up by gov’t spending in final quarter of 2018

Australia’s weak 0.2% GDP growth in December quarter has prompted talk of a “per capita recession”, as our economy has now been growing at a slower rate than the population for two consecutive quarters (see this SMH report). The national … Continue reading

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Mining leads fall in private sector capital expenditure – Qld technical recession may extend into 2015

The technical recession Queensland experienced in late 2014 may extend into early 2015 based on new ABS data showing the large drop in mining investment from its extraordinarily high levels has continued into the March quarter of 2015 (see chart … Continue reading

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Qld losing economic State of Origin at the moment

On the day of the first State of Origin game for 2015, it seems timely to reflect on Queensland’s recent economic performance relative to NSW. Alas, it has not been great, with Queensland actually recording a slight loss of jobs … Continue reading

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