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Can Do, the Campbell Newman biography by Gavin King

Former Cairns MP Gavin King’s just published Campbell Newman biography Can Do (which includes two quotes from me on p. 220 and 267) makes an important contribution to the economic reform debate in Australia. After telling the story of Campbell … Continue reading

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Strong Choices was never persuasive – similarities with Fightback

After yesterday’s extraordinary swing against the Queensland Government, which will likely deliver the Opposition to power, it’s now clear that the Government’s privatisation plan was too ambitious and, as Sir Humphrey would have said, courageous. Strong Choices will join John … Continue reading

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Economic Policy Issues in the 2015 Qld Election – Griffith-ESA Qld event on 28 January

I’m looking forward to participating in an upcoming panel discussion on Economic Policy Issues in the 2015 Queensland Election, to be held on Wednesday, 28 January at 6.30pm at Griffith University’s Southbank campus. I’m certain Professors Fabrizio Carmignani and Tony … Continue reading

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Better off allocating all lease proceeds to debt reduction

John Quiggin’s interesting new paper on the budgetary impact of asset leases, reported in the Brisbane Times today (Strong Choices will have ‘adverse impact’), correctly points out the adverse budgetary impact of the Queensland Government allocating around one-third of asset … Continue reading

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Earlier election better for the Queensland economy

It’s good news for the Queensland economy that the Premier is expected to announce a late January or early February election today. The CCIQ September quarter Pulse Survey report notes that uncertainty around the upcoming election has affected business expectations, … Continue reading

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Privatisation scoping studies should be released to inform public debate

If it hasn’t already been sent, I expect an email will be sent around Ergon Energy today decreeing that all whiteboards must be erased after meetings, after the embarrassing disclosure of privatisation planning to union officials via a whiteboard (see … Continue reading

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Any Strong Choices jobs boost will come too late to do anything about current weakness

While there is more than the usual uncertainty about the reliability of recent jobs data from the ABS, yesterday’s awful data for Queensland, with unemployment now at 7% seasonally adjusted, can be read as confirming the economy is pretty weak … Continue reading

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