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Coal, climate change, solar & batteries – why Qld Treasury wanted to offload the state’s energy assets

The recent Financial Times report Development bank halts coal financing to combat climate change, reprinted in this morning’s AFR, should prompt some serious long-term thinking from the Queensland government and local governments with regional economies heavily dependent on coal mining, … Continue reading

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Merger savings good if they occur, but debt shuffle dubious

I am very flattered the Courier-Mail has a story about me this morning with the title on its website of The man who could clear Qld’s deficit: THE forecast deficit of $1.5 billion could be overcome by courageous decisions made … Continue reading

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Energy GOCs equity raid a good example of problem with public ownership

I was quoted in the Courier-Mail this morning regarding the $3.5 billion the Queensland Government has withdrawn from equity in its power businesses (see chart above) for the purposes of paying down debt (see Earnings grab quick debt fix, Pitt … Continue reading

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QIC could still invest Govt super funds in GOCs, while Govt would argue it hasn’t technically raided super

I recalled a great scene from one of my all-time favourite movies All the President’s Men when the Queensland Government today issued what may be a “non-denial denial” regarding the alleged Budget plan to use super funds to pay down … Continue reading

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Courier-Mail story on Qld Govt’s fiscal challenges

I was quoted by John McCarthy in an article in today’s Courier-Mail (see image above) regarding the Queensland Government’s fiscal challenges. I’ve previously commented on the big challenge the Government has of sticking to its fiscal strategy announced at the … Continue reading

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Privatised electricity businesses would better achieve necessary efficiencies

It’s been clear for some time that the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) would make large cuts to future allowable revenues for Energex and Ergon, and that this would potentially impact Queensland Government dividend income. The preliminary determinations from the AER … Continue reading

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Risk to Qld Budget of lower dividends from Govt-owned businesses

In addition to royalties revenue being lower than previously forecast, a major risk to the Queensland State Budget in coming years is lower than expected dividends from government-owned businesses. Currently government-owned businesses contribute over $2 billion to the Budget or … Continue reading

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4BC Drive interview on election costings – problems with economic plans from both major parties

I had a nice chat with Ben Davis from 4BC’s Drive program yesterday afternoon on the economic plans the major parties are taking to today’s Queensland election. You can find the audio for the interview if you scroll down on … Continue reading

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Privatisation scoping studies should be released to inform public debate

If it hasn’t already been sent, I expect an email will be sent around Ergon Energy today decreeing that all whiteboards must be erased after meetings, after the embarrassing disclosure of privatisation planning to union officials via a whiteboard (see … Continue reading

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Success of privatisation plan requires $12 billion spent wisely

As I’ve commented on previously, I’d prefer the Queensland Government to allocate all of the privatisation proceeds to debt reduction to maximise our chances of regaining our AAA credit rating. By allocating a sizable fraction – now $12 billion according … Continue reading

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