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Hospital funding fight the latest illustration of the big problem with vertical fiscal imbalance in our federation

There is a deep structural problem underlying the current hospital funding fight between the Queensland Premier and the PM, the vertical fiscal imbalance (VFI) between the state’s spending responsibilities and the Commonwealth’s revenue raising powers. The states receive around half … Continue reading

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My comments in today’s Courier-Mail on $3bn Qld revenue write-down

Yesterday’s announcement that the Queensland Budget will suffer a further $3 billion in revenue write-downs confirmed what I have been saying for a while now about Queensland’s under-performing economy. I am quoted in today’s Courier-Mail (pay-walled, sorry) noting that the … Continue reading

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Budget measures insufficient to avoid risk of permanent deficits

Tonight’s Federal Budget will be very disappointing, as the expected measures do not go anywhere near enough to reducing the risk that Australia will end up in a state of permanent deficit, as I’ve previously suggested it would if we … Continue reading

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ABC radio interview on the fiscal challenges facing the new Qld Government

Chatting with Steve Austin about the fiscal challenges facing the new Government in the Legislative Council Chamber at Queensland Parliament House, Brisbane (Photo: Terri Begley) On the first day of Queensland’s new Parliament, Steve Austin from 612 ABC Brisbane radio … Continue reading

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Qld Government will find it a big challenge to achieve its fiscal strategy

Queensland Treasurer Curtis Pitt has rightly labelled the upcoming 2015-16 Budget as “no frills” (see ABC news report). The Government cannot afford any frivolous expenses, because the budget challenge it faces is massive. The major problems the Government has are: … Continue reading

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Qld Government increasingly dependent on volatile royalties revenue

The current resources sector slowdown is resulting in hard times for many businesses and workers, and it will make the new Queensland Government’s budget management task a lot harder, especially if projected royalties revenues don’t eventuate. Over the last ten … Continue reading

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Scope to raise more revenue from gambling and cut bad taxes

In making his case for getting Brisbane’s second casino licence, James Packer observed last week (according to the Courier-Mail): “Brisbane and Queensland have been badly let down by Echo – they have under-invested and underperformed. Queensland taxpayers are missing out … Continue reading

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