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Energy GOCs equity raid a good example of problem with public ownership

I was quoted in the Courier-Mail this morning regarding the $3.5 billion the Queensland Government has withdrawn from equity in its power businesses (see chart above) for the purposes of paying down debt (see Earnings grab quick debt fix, Pitt … Continue reading

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Success of privatisation plan requires $12 billion spent wisely

As I’ve commented on previously, I’d prefer the Queensland Government to allocate all of the privatisation proceeds to debt reduction to maximise our chances of regaining our AAA credit rating. By allocating a sizable fraction – now $12 billion according … Continue reading

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ABC radio interview on asset leases

At a BDO economic outlook breakfast I attended at the Brisbane Convention Centre this morning, Treasurer Tim Nicholls announced that the Government would consider asset leases as an alternative to the previously announced sale of the power generators and the … Continue reading

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Government should just sell Energex, Ergon & Powerlink

The Government’s interesting proposition for private sector participation in Energex, Ergon and Powerlink, which raises the bulk of the $30-35 billion under the Strong Choices plan, should be attractive to investors because the businesses have reasonably reliable revenue streams they … Continue reading

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Recent studies show potentially large savings in power bills

Prime Minister Julia Gillard is right to draw attention to rising electricity prices and ask whether we can improve the regulation of our electricity networks, with a view to promoting cheaper ways of guaranteeing reliable power supplies. The Queensland Independent … Continue reading

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