612 ABC Brisbane radio interview on Qld economy and infrastructure

Yesterday I was interviewed by Steve Austin of 612 ABC Brisbane regarding the current state of the Queensland economy, and the interview aired this morning. You can find the audio recording of my interview here (just scroll down below Jackie Trad’s and Tim Nicholls’ interviews):

The future of Qld’s economy and infrastructure

The main points I made were that we don’t yet see the signs of a broad-based (big “R”) recession in Queensland, the ongoing (albeit not strong) growth in household consumption spending is encouraging, and the private sector is eagerly awaiting the Queensland Government’s infrastructure plan. The previous Government was planning to spend $8 billion from privatisation proceeds on new infrastructure, money the current Government will not have. The Government needs to set out what its funding plans are and whether and how it intends to partner with private sector companies to deliver new infrastructure.

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