Upcoming public lecture by Bob Gregory on the gender pay gap

The upcoming John Western Public Lecture at the University of Queensland (on Monday 21 September at 5pm) by eminent Australian economist Bob Gregory looks very interesting and no doubt will provoke much discussion on the causes of the gender pay gap:

Is this the end of the road: Will lifetime earnings for the average female ever lift to 66 cents in the average male dollar?

Professor Bob Gregory, one of Australia’s pre-eminent economist will present a wide-ranging lecture, which documents the extraordinary labour market gains that the average woman has made in Australia, relative to the average man, over the last half century discusses what has been learnt from this history,which factors have impacted most on changes in gender labour market outcomes, and why did they occur? The lecture also conjectures whether significant movement towards labour market equality for the average woman has more or less come to an end and, if so, what could significantly change this , from a macro perspective? Could it even be argued that the gender equality movement is losing its focus and effectiveness?

I expect Professor Gregory will provide up-to-date evidence regarding whether gender pay differences can be explained by differences in occupational choices, qualifications and experience, or whether some other factors must be at play.

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